Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Robert Mueller Contest

Okaaaay ...

Curmudgeon forgot to lock the liquor cabinet, her ATV is buried in the swan pond and Proof is rummaging through her lingerie drawers (why so many?).

And there's freaking squirrels EVERYWHERE!
So it's

Time for a contest!

As most of you are aware, the DoJ has announced that a Special Counsel has been appointed to investigate possible Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election. This despite contradictory evidence that:

Special Counsel Bob Mueller is going to have his hands full sifting through the numerous dangling participles of the Democrat's epic election woes saga. Indeed, this investigation will take many months of listening to chattering, prevaricating officials desperately trying to cover their asses avoid changing their address to that of a federal prison.

In preparation for this, Dear Reader, we should exercise due diligence and make an effort to anticipate the evolving narratives sure to arise that government officials will use to: 1) mask the rampant corruption of the Deep State, and 2) insulate the most prominent elected officials who have stood before a national audience and lied.

Now the contest.
Once Curmudgeon returns from her well deserved vacation, the three of us will sweep the squirrel s**t out of the house,  tow the ATV out of the pond, replace all the (cheap) liquor, bury the dead Koi fish and examine the responses entered by the contest participants. I will prime the pump, so to speak, with this:

"It was Putzini all along."
"Comey, you broke my heart!"
Biden: "I'm smaaaht! I can do things!"

Well, not really. Use your imagination.

For bonus points, we have started a Scapegoat Pool.

Who will the Democrats give up to the Mueller Inquisition?  Have no doubt; if Mueller starts to throw Democrats in jail, they will hoot and howl and scream about Political Prejudice and then suggest a token sacrifice or two to throw under the Big Yellow Indictment Bus.

What do you win?
Well, Proof hasn't returned everything from those drawers.

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