Saturday, May 6, 2017

Looks Like France’s Emmanuel Macron Went To The John Podesta School Of Passwords

France is holding its presidential election tomorrow, Sunday May 7.  It appears the election may have been blown wide open by a massive and coordinated cyber attack.

Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche! Movement had its emails hacked last week.  Nine gigabytes of data were posted anonymously to a document-sharing site called Pastebin.  Macron, the front-runner, is whimpering the hack is an attempt by Russia to “destabilize” his election.

France's election campaign commission will hold a meeting this morning to discuss the hacking attack.  It urged French media not to publish the documents, warning that some of them were “probably” fake.

It’s all starting to look eerily familiar.

Macron has a commanding lead over rival Marine Le Pen—62% to 38%.

One of Macron’s aides said, “The Louvre will be the venue of our election night party.”

Macron and Le Pen have been involved in an increasingly bitter contest, accusing each other of being unfit to live up to the grandeur of the French presidency.

Macron has lodged a legal complaint about “the spreading of false information”, while openly accusing Ms Le Pen of running a deceitful and divisive campaign.

The presidential election commission said in statement that it would hold a meeting later today and urged the media to be cautious about publishing details of the emails given that campaigning had ended, and publication could lead to criminal charges.

The French government has blocked 4Chan from publishing any more of the leaked documents.
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