Saturday, March 11, 2017

Don’t Go Away Mad, Just Go Away!

Same shit.  Different day.

The left is seething over the firing by Attorney General Jeff Sessions of 46 US attorneys who served under Teleprompter Jesus.

The Justice Department said some US attorneys, as in prior transitions, already had left the department. Sessions asked the remaining 46 presidentially appointed US Attorneys to tender their resignations.
Why would Sessions keep in place those appointees given the fact Acting Attorney General Sally Yatesunmistakably sympathetic to Obama’s non-enforcement policiesinsubordinately refused to defend a lawfully issued executive order endorsed by Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel on the president’s travel ban?

The sore losers on the left seem to be suffering from self-induced amnesiaafter all Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder said in 2009, “Elections matter.  It is our intention to have the US attorneys that are selected by President Obama in place as quickly as we can.”

After Bill Clinton’s inauguration, he fired all 93 US attorneys.  Not a peep was uttered.  Not. A. Peep.
It is interesting to learn that one US attorney, Preet Bharara, decided to be defiant of Sessions’ request to resign:
His defiance was laughably short-lived:
One need not search very long for the reason behind his defiance.  On November 30, 2016 The Washington Examiner published a juicy tidbit regarding the relationship between Sen. Chuck Schumer and Bharara.
“The aggressive New York Democrat, who is set to lead Senate Democratic opposition to Trump's agenda next year, disclosed that Trump sought out his advice on Bharara last week." 
"’President-elect Trump called me last week and asked me what I thought about Preet Bharara continuing his role as US attorney,’ Schumer said in a statement. ‘I told him I thought Preet was great, and I would be all for keeping him on the job and fully support it.’"
Bharara served as chief counsel to Senator “Upchuck”.  According to The New York Times Bharara tainted a corruption case against New York Assemblyman Sheldon Silver
"Mr. Silver’s lawyers moved to dismiss his indictment because Mr. Bharara had orchestrated a 'media firestorm' that tainted their client’s right to a fair trial. Such motions are considered long shots, but Judge Valerie Caproni of Federal District Court in Manhattan wrote that Mr. Silver had a legitimate argument that the case should be thrown out because Mr. Bharara, 'while castigating politicians in Albany for playing fast and loose with the ethical rules that govern their conduct, strayed so close to the edge of the rules governing his own conduct.'”
Bharara’s office had also been accused of “judge shopping” by the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in the insider trading case against the hedge fund traders Anthony Chiasson and Todd Newman.

In 2012, a string of prominent insider trading convictions landed him on the cover of Time magazine with the headline ‘This Man Is Busting Wall St.’ The New York Post’s Page Six spotlighted his appearance at this year’s Vanity Fair Oscar party in Los Angeles, featuring him in the same paragraph with Jane Fonda, Angelica Huston and Steve Martin. 
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