Monday, October 17, 2016

Hey Press Poodles, “Happy National Boss Day”

The notorious treasure trove of “Podesta Emails” demonstrates how the press has always been little more than an extension of the Clinton Machine.  Most of the press poodles and lamestream media stenographers see nothing wrong with their complicity.

Trump’s running mate, Gov. Mike Pence, made the rounds on Sunday’s talking head shows proclaiming, "The media is piling on with such unsubstantiated claims, ignoring an avalanche of hard evidence, documented evidence, of deeds by the Secretary of State" contained in the WikiLeaks email dump.

CNN’s Jake Tapper described DNC Chair Donna Brazile’s feeding debate questions to Clinton as “journalistically horrifying.”

Joe Concha, contributor for The Hill, put the media’s coverage of Campaign 2016 in glaring perspective when he compared the air time on network news to accusations against Trump and the WikiLeaks revelations related to Granny Clinton.
“Reaction to Trump's critique of the media by many left-leaning media members and advocates was about what one would expect, referring to it as dangerous and dark and totalitarian and conspiratorial and just about every other word from the 2016 Hyperbole Style Guide. Those conclusions, of course, are just air without any real foundation in terms of numbers or data to support it.” 
“In viewing recordings by The Hill of each major network's evening newscasts, which are watched by an average total of 22 million to 24 million people nightly, the newest batch of WikiLeaks revelations was covered for a combined 57 seconds out of 66 minutes of total air time on ABC, NBC and CBS.” 
“Those leaked emails include derogatory comments about Catholics by senior Clinton campaign officials and more disturbing examples of collusion between the media and her campaign.  It’s newsworthy stuff.” 
“On the other hand, allegations from four women of unwanted sexual advances by Trump were covered a combined 23 minutes.” 
“Add it all up, and one presidential candidate's negative news of the day was somehow covered more than 23 times more than another candidate's negative news of the day.” 
“When looking at the numbers, Trump may actually have a point.”
Barry Casselman, who has not endorsed either candidate noted, “What we are now witnessing in the 2016 US presidential election is an unprecedented media coup d’état as many of the combined media forces are attempting to determine the next president before the voting takes place.”

With the dereliction of duty by the nation’s largest media organizations and their role as propaganda arms of the Democratic Party, it bodes ill for the future of an already putrid media that no longer serves the best interests of Americans or the world.

This is precisely why the electorate ended up so angry.

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