Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wherefore Art Thou Art?

Sometimes it’s nice to take a stroll down memory lane.  Sometimes not so much.  Last night at the Democratic National Convention one-half of the iconic 60s counterculture folk duo of Simon & Garfunkel took the stage.

Having grown up during the 60s, Simon & Garfunkel were counted among some of my favorite musical artists.  Paul Simon wrote the songs, but it was Art Garfunkel whose golden tenor voice helped sell millions of records.

The now-vanquished Bernie Sanders used the duo’s “America”, a song about a young couple hitchhiking across the country, in a 60-second ad.  To be honest, I thought it was a pretty decent ad.

The moment Simon stepped on stage the Twitterverse erupted with unflattering comments about his performance.  His rendition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” made everyone’s ears bleed.

The 74-year-old Simon looked like shit.  And his voice…gone with the wind.  The man is washed up.  A pathetic Berniecrat has-been.
If you didn’t see the performance you are indeed lucky.  The man sounded world-weary and showbiz-weary in equal measure.

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