Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Lock Her Up!

The first night of the Republican National Convention focused on the safety and security of America.  Each speaker who took the stage had powerful words that expressed what so many outside The Beltway have been feeling for nearly eight years.

As the television cameras panned the convention floor there was an array of “Hillary for Prison” signs.  When the mother of murdered Sean Smith, a victim of the Benghazi attacks, spoke so movingly about the lies she’d been told by Clinton someone from the floor yelled out, “Hillary for prison!”  Smith acknowledged them saying, “That’s right, Hillary for prison!  She deserves to be in stripes!”

One speaker after another spoke to the failings of the Obama Administration, and in particular, the woman who headed the Administration’s foreign policy.  It was noted that neither she nor The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer would name the global threat of radical Islamic terrorism.  The fieriest speech came from former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

The idea that Clinton is a criminal who should be in prison is something Americans very strongly believe and it’s reflected in poll after poll.  Her honest and trustworthy numbers are in the tank and continue to slip.

It was extremely gratifying to watch and listen as Hillary figuratively took body blow after body blow.  The progressives are crying foul intimating that “the heated rhetoric” crossed a line and signals an “ugly degradation in American politics.”  Who the hell’s fault is that?

Hillary is universally despised for her graft, corruption, lies and unaccountability under the rule of law.  Her minions point to FBI Director James Comey’s unwillingness to indict her for her email scandal as evidence of her innocence.  This is the flimsiest of rationales and Americans know it.

As the evening neared the end, Lt. Col. Michael Flynn (US Army Ret.) walked onto the stage, he didn’t hold back describing the weak and spineless leadership of this Administration.  It wasn’t long before the delegates began chanting, “Lock her up!  Lock her up!  Lock her up!”

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