Monday, May 2, 2016

Game Of Delegates: Ted Cruz Edition

Last night, we witnessed the resurrection of Jon Snow in Episode 2 of the Game of Thrones’ sixth season. 

Davos asked Melisandre to appeal to the Lord of the Light to bring him back to life.  She performed an incantation in Valyrian pleading, “Bring him back from death and darkness.  His flame has been extinguished.  Restore it.”  Someone who knows the Valyrian language can fact-check this for us.

And speaking of resurrection, Ted Cruz needs new life breathed into his quest for the nomination in the final stretch and he’s pinning his hopes on the Hoosier State.  Melisandre, please call your office.

Brendan Bordelon posits this at National Review, “Down in the polls and with zero margin for error heading into Tuesday’s crucial Indiana primary, Ted Cruz could be forgiven for seeing a silver lining in his apparent strength with unbound Republican delegates…But friendly delegates are as subject to shifts in the race’s momentum as anyone else, and Cruz’s strength with some of these crucial first-ballot convention voters may be overstated—particularly in North Dakota, where his campaign declared victory after filling 18 of 25 unbound delegate slots with its chosen candidates at the April 3 convention…as they’ve watched Cruz struggle to tread water in a primary increasingly dominated by Trump, many of them, wary of a bitter convention battle that could rend the party at its seams, are rethinking their commitment to the Texas senator.”

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