Saturday, April 2, 2016

What? Another Vacay?

Sophie The Wonderdog and I are headed to the beach to visit my best friend.  While I’m away, good friends Proof, Grunt and Adrienne will be keeping tabs on the ol’ blog for me.

The photograph above was taken on my phone last summer, but you can see the view is peaceful.  The patio has deck railing four feet high which is just tall enough to keep my friend’s two furkids, Tika and Teddy, safe and sound.  A great deal of time will be spent sitting under the shade of the pergola watching the carefree geese and mallards swim by.  The only disturbance in The Force will be when Skeeter, who lives next door to my friend, gets let out.  She makes a bee-line for the water to harass the fish and turtles living in the little canal you see in the photo.

Adrienne just joined our merry band of bloggers and has promised to keep the boys in check this go ‘round.  Each time I hand them the keys to the liquor cabinet while I’m away it seems they invariably trash the joint including shooting up my Hummel collection.

Adrienne has fervently assured me she will make sure the beer cans, Cheetos dust and peanut shells will be cleaned up before I get back.  No squirrels swilling the scotch either!

My friends will continue to add content in my absence.  Proof and Grunt are mischievous characters so don’t be surprised by anything they post.

I hope you’ll welcome Adrienne.  She has her own blog as well and has graciously consented to help us out from time to time.

I have made sure the regular Monday feature “Flowing Curves of Beauty” is queued up for the next two Mondays.   One time I failed to do that and Proof put up Star Trek babes.

I hope everyone has a great week.  Take care out there.

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