Sunday, April 17, 2016

Shutting Down Dissent: Even Bernie Is A Censorius Dick

On April 14th, the Bernie Sanders campaign sent a cease and desist letter claiming Liberty Maniacs was unlawfully selling its parodies because they used the likeness of the official Bernie Sanders for President logo on this shirt.

According to its website, Liberty Maniacs “is an independent brand that designs and sells some of the world's favorite political and satirical apparel and merchandise. From hilarious 2016 election gear,  funny political t-shirts, libertarian minded posters, art prints, humorous mugs, and thousands of other products sold by some of the most trusted retailers. Liberty Maniacs has become a top source for liberty lovers across the globe of every stripe, and a thorn in the side of everyone from the NSA to top politicians."

Dan McCall, the owner of Liberty Maniacs and his lawyer Paul Levy, have successfully shot down bogus trademark demands from the Ready for Hillary pre-campaign PAC which tried to suppress Liberty Maniac’s “Ready for Oligarchy” parody, threats from the NSA for calling it “The only part of the government that actually listens”, the Ben Carson campaign and the Republican National Committee for using the elephant logo to describe the Republican Party.

Mr. Levy notes, “Each time, the lawyers representing candidates or political committees made stupid legal threats based on a misunderstanding of trademark law (or using pretended trademark law claims as an excuse), the public response to the demands taught them about the consequences of making such demands.  Now it is the turn of Bernie Sanders' campaign to learn a lesson about trademark bullying.”

When McCall introduced the new t-shirt he described it this way:
With the lovable personality of a drowsy badger and the voice of a bullfrog, Bernie is your comrade in fighting the good fight against oligarchical imperialism, exploitative corporatism, economic logic, electoral probability, male pattern baldness, Clintonian coronation, and whatever other Sisyphean task you can shake your fist at.
This shirt includes a pantheon of socialist paladins just to confuse, fascinate, and cause the finger-wagging, nitpicking partisan to hilariously instruct upon the proper definition of socialism while everyone within a five foot radius rolls their eyes in aversion.
I’ve found myself a new hero and I think I’ll support Mr. McCall’s delightful entrepreneurial enterprise by purchasing the Free Shit tee, the Hillary for Prison tee and a Trump We Shall Overcomb mug just for shits and giggles ‘cause that’s how I roll.

I love the smell of capitalism in the morning.

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