Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ella And Snowy

A 21-year-old mother in Queensland, Australia gave birth to Ella who was born without her left arm from the effects of Amniotic Band Syndrome.  Ella is an otherwise healthy, adorable baby.

Ella’s mom saw a posting for a one-year-old abandoned dog named Snowy and emailed The Animal Welfare League asking if they could hold the dog for her at a rehoming center.  She knew instantly that Snowy would be the perfect companion for her one-year-old daughter.  You see, Snowy has only three legs.

Little Ella will face challenges growing up and when she realizes she is different from the other children or she’s having a bad day she will see the resemblance and know that she’s not alone.

The child and the pup have a long friendship ahead of them and Ella will have all the unconditional love, loyalty and companionship Snowy can give even to her very last breath.

Via The Daily Mail

UPDATE:  This appears to be the video that touched the heart of Ella’s mother prompting her to bring Snowy home to shower her little girl with love.

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