Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Spectacular Implosion Of Wendy Davis

Perusing the web Sunday morning and settling on reviewing what Real Clear Politics had to offer, I found a link to National Review correspondent Kevin D. Williamson’s article, “Twilight of the Froot Loops.”

Many across the Leftist blogosphere have eviscerated Mr. Williamson for his stance on abortion—the same crowd that under-reported the slaughterhouse run by Dr. Kermit Gosnell because it was a testament to the butchery of abortions.  While his ideology may seem harsh at times, he stands on the side of pro-life issues. 

Having said that, the midterm election is Tuesday and the Great State of Texas has been embroiled in a malicious gubernatorial race between the darling of Planned Parenthood and abortion advocates and a wheelchair-bound man.

Wendy Davis is the Democrat Party’s star in deep red Texas who jumped into the governor’s race after gaining national attention for filibustering a restrictive abortion measure.  Democrats have dreamed of turning the state blue.

Rarely have I read a more consummate disemboweling of a public personality:
“I note that the implosion of Wendy Davis’s ugly and vacuous gubernatorial campaign in Texas has been a satisfying spectacle. On Tuesday, it is all but inevitable that Greg Abbot’s campaign and Texas voters are going to beat Wendy Davis like a circus monkey, and it will be her second significant defeat in the campaign: She ran triumphantly unopposed in the New York Times primary, with Robert Draper all but kissing the hem of her garment, but she took a beating in the Rio Grande primary, with her penniless nobody opponent outperforming her in critical border counties that had gone heavily for Barack Obama in the presidential elections. 
Her candidacy was the product of abortion fanaticism and almost nothing else. Texas Democrats have a pronounced weakness for abortion fanaticism, an inclination having something to do with their being fascinated by the grotesque line of succession from the late Governor Ann Richards, abortion fanatic par excellence, to her daughter, Cecile, the butcher’s apprentice who today serves as the public face of Planned Parenthood. 
That being said, there is something special about the fanaticism of Wendy Davis, because there is something special about abortion fanaticism. There are people of good faith and defective judgment on the pro-choice side of the argument, and then there are lunatics. I was at a party some years ago and winced as a 100 percent pro-choice Democratic member of the Pennsylvania state house, attempting to have an earnest discussion of the abortion question with me, was interrupted primly by his fanatical girlfriend every time he pronounced the descriptor “pro-life”—“anti-choice!” she insisted, at least 20 times over the course of a conversation that lasted maybe as many minutes. The bravest of soldiers fighting in the best of causes can concede that war is hell, full of mistakes and moral compromises, but the abortion fanatic cannot concede that over the normal course of human affairs every abortion represents a failure and a tragedy, something that should be obvious even to people who support abortion rights. 
But there is no reasoning with a fanatic. Barring some unforeseen outbreak of mass asininity, there’s no electing one governor of Texas, either.

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