Sunday, October 26, 2014

Carolina Panthers Vs Seattle Seahawks

Seattle heads to Charlotte for its third meeting in as many years against the Carolina Panthers.  The game kicks off at 1:00 PM ET from Bank of America Stadium and airs on CBS.

The Seahawks are 3-3 and the Panthers are 3-3-1.  Seattle’s three losses were to the Chargers, the Cowboys and the Rams.  The Steelers, Ravens and Packers have bested the Panthers.  Despite those three losses Carolina still sits atop the NFC South.  What luck!

Seven players are out with injuries and two are questionable starts and the Panthers’ running game is among the worst in the league.  Cam Newton has been lackluster of late and I have screamed at the TV because Coach Rivera didn’t put QB Derek Anderson in when it became obvious that Newton was acting like a prima donna.

While it is true that “on any given Sunday, any team in the NFL can beat any other team,” I’m not so sure about today’s contest.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d love my Angry Kitties to pluck the Seahawks, but honestly I don’t see that happening.

Everybody but everybody is predicting a Seahawks win. 

The Niners have a bye week so I can’t rag on Proof and Woodsterman.  If the game becomes too painful to watch, I’ll catch the game between Da Bears and Patriots and then wait for the primetime game between the Packers and the Saints. 


And because no football post would be complete without some pom-poms, please enjoy this photograph of Top Cat Dana.

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