Saturday, April 12, 2014

Shillary Ducks

A woman was taken into federal custody Thursday after throwing a shoe at Shillary Rodham Clinton as the former Secretary of State began a Las Vegas convention keynote speech.

The incident happened moments after “Cankles” took the stage before an Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries meeting at the Mandalay Bay resort.

The incident reminded some of former President George W. Bush dodging two shoes thrown by an Iraqi journalist during a news conference in Baghdad in December 2008. Shoe-throwing is considered an insult in Arab cultures.

Ducking the truth seems to be a well-honed talent as evidenced by the fact that she cancelled her visit to San Diego in the midst of a planned “The Difference Matters” protest for her role in Benghazi where Pat Smith, mother of slain son Sean Smith, appeared along with 70 protesters.  Clinton bravely dodged the truth by appearing via satellite instead.

"I was promised answers, and to this day I don't have any, and I want them before I die," said Smith.

It hasn’t been a good week for Shillary, but then what difference, at this point, does it make?

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