Thursday, April 10, 2014

Let’s Keep Earl Off Welfare

Yesterday I learned that blogger buddy Earl of Taint got laid off from his job.  Earl reports that he and his family are “on half rations here and I need to do anything I can to bring in extra moolah. So while I have no illusions of selling one single thing, I’m going to put something out there and see how it goes. Costs nothing but my time to try.”

What Earl has decided to do is establish a Café Press storefront featuring some of the best conservative snark Photoshops™ the blogosphere has to offer.  Need a Stinkburger T-shirt?  Earl’s got ‘em.  Want something custom?  If he doesn’t officer a design on a product you want just let him know and he can add it for you.

I suggested that Earl establish a PayPal account so that folks who visit his site would have an avenue to donate money to help his family out, but Earl informs me that even though he already has an account with PayPal he’d rather offer something tangible for starters.

Since no cloud arrives sans a silver lining, Earl chimed in saying hopefully he’d be back at work soon.

Nothing would make me happier.  In the interim though, please consider visiting his Café Press storefront and ordering something.  Look around his site.  Find a super snarky Photoshop™ and let him know you want it on a kewl T-shirt.  I’ve got my eyes on a pair of Can of Earl Pajamas and a couple of Stinkburger Potholders (because nobody knows Stinkburgers better than Barack Obama).  I guarantee it’ll be a masterpiece.  As Earl says, “Get some on ya.”

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