Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 PUK Awards: Cage Match 3 UPDATED

Last year I was honored to be named one of the Top Ten 2012 PUK Award winners.

This year one of my entries survived the Round Two selections for the Cage Matches that will determine the ultimate winner of the highly prized PUK Award for 2013 for conservative agitprop.

The competition, as always, is stiff.  Both of The Looking Spoon’s entries have survived to fight another day and Cage Match 1 and 2.

Tonight, in Cage Match 3, BigFurHat has pitted my entry against B. Keyser’s viral hit of Obama riding a horsey with Vladimir Putin.

Life, as they say, has very little even ground.  I hope I can count on you to help my entry make a respectable showing against the extremely popular chop by B. Keyser.  I don’t expect to win, but I would really love it if my work could be a contender in this Cage Match.  That will only be possible if you’re willing to click on the link here and vote for my entry.

I also want to express my appreciation to Earl of Taint for his generous effort to publicize Cage Match 3 and encourage your vote for my entry.  He was very complimentary of me and our mutual friend Diogenes.

The voting ends tomorrow night, January 2nd at 6:00 PM ET.  Again, you can vote right here.

Happy New Year to everyone and thanks in advance for your vote.

UPDATE 1-3-2014 @ 1:02 AM:  Well, it was like being the only cute, fluffy, adorable puppy in a room full of cat lovers.  The Cage Match results were:  116 votes for B. Keyser’s viral Photoshop and 95 for my entry.

I knew in my heart of hearts that I would lose, but that’s alright.  The entry that won unquestionably deserved it.  I’m just proud to have been considered.

For everyone who cast a vote for my work, you have my heartfelt thanks.  Everyone’s talent has been on display this and there are some really great creations out there.

My friend Diogenes is in the ring against iOwnTheWorld’s own Illustr8r’s “Blinky – The New GOP Mascot”.  As of this hour, Diogenes has a healthy lead 75-43.  I hope that lead holds out through the deadline of 6 PM ET on January 3 for Cage Match 4.

Enjoy your weekend and thanks again for supporting my work.

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