Tuesday, December 17, 2013

He’s Got You By The Balls

On December 12th, the White House tweeted a laughable photo of The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer telling America to #GetCovered.  The West Wing is desperate and it shows because they possess an utter incapacity for embarrassment.

Jim Geraghty posits this at National Review:

Caroline Baum, a columnist for Bloomberg, offers suggestions to the Obama administration that are extremely creative, extremely desperate, or a sign Obamacare’s fans are having a collective nervous breakdown:
“First, announce and advertise that everyone between the ages of 18 and 34 who enrolls on the health-care exchanges by the end of the year is automatically entered in a lottery. Winners will receive everything from a free iPhone or iPad to a full-year of health-care underwritten by Uncle Sam. Refer a friend and get a discount. Buy one (year), get one free. In states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use—Colorado and Washington—by all means, throw in a bag of cannabis.” 
“It isn’t fair, you say? Who said life is fair? Obamacare is based on the idea of young, healthy people, who don’t use a lot of health-care services, subsidizing the sick and elderly. Their generation is on the hook for the debt incurred to provide for the baby boomers in retirement. So forget fair.”
Holy shit woman!

You didn’t think I’d let this tweet go without chopping it did you?  Nah.  You didn’t.

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