Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Son Of A Glitch

The Op-Ed section of The Wall Street Journal tells us today that, “the exchanges fiasco is revealing the larger truth that ObamaCare's claim to technocratic expertise was always a political con. It won over the New Yorker and made ObamaCare designer Peter Orszag a celebrity. But it was all a veneer for ObamaCare's real goal, which is to centralize political control over health care."

The White House pitched President Obama's Rose Garden event on Monday as a new transparency, but the event amounted to an infomercial, complete with a 1-800 number. Operators are standing by and "the product is good," the President said. He even encouraged Americans to bypass the website and apply for benefits over the phone or by mail.

It is delicious irony that the regime decided to launch the ObamaCare website in October.  Halloween brings with it the summoning of frightening mythical creatures in the gloom of night.  Had the website been launched in November it would simply have been referred to as a turkey.

Welcome to Sleepy Hollow.  People are spending endless hours trying to create an account.  Each time they are met with failure.  They’ve called the hotline and been met with failure.  

Enter the Headless Horseman—Barack Hussein Obama.  Indeed a creepy fellow.  Little can be more frightening than the specter of a headless man who rides aimlessly through the night in search of his own head.

The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza offers this rejoinder for ObamaCare, “The ACA is the most important liberal project in decades. If it fails, it is a complete disaster for liberalism.”

The regime is guilty of putting the cart before the horse and now is pleading with Verizon to fix the hotline problem and a bevy of the “best and brightest” have been summoned to fix the computer software which is ten years old and filled with faulty codes.

The overwhelming obstacles that plague ObamaCare are beyond the pay grade of the techies.

Welcome to Sleepy Hollow.

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