Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What If?????

I’ve been cooped up in the house since Saturday battling acute sinusitis and acute bronchitis.  The prescription drugs I was given yesterday following my doctor visit are finally starting to kick in. 

So…this morning I was surfing some of my favorite political cartoon sites and happened upon one from Mike Lester that was so damn funny I nearly pissed myself.

You can click over there in a minute.  It is a screen cap of that ridiculous “event registry” page on you-know-who’s website that became the brunt of jokes all across the dextrosphere and in Twitterdom.  Next to it is you-know-who standing in the middle of a pile of open cardboard boxes and a sea of toasters.

Mike’s take on the ludicrous fundraising scheme of “all your wedding presents are belong to us” was spot on and I wondered if I could Photoshop™ something that picked up on Mike’s humor.

This is the result.  Now you can click over there

Don’t worry; you can’t catch my cooties so have a good day and thanks for visiting me here in my sickbed.  


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  2. Submitted to OFA for the next semi-daily fundraising email ... "Are you an illegal immigrant set to benefit from President Obama's stealth DREAM Act Executive Order? Split that lawn mowing money with Obama 2012."

  3. @LibertyAtStake,

    I'm glad you hopped over here. I promise that no cooties got on you while you were here. I was wearing a HAZMAT suit while I was posting this.

    Thanks for the Hat Tip on your site.

    1. HAZMAT suit? You must be fearful of breaking your CFL light bulbs or something.

  4. Let's all send him toasted white bread.


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