Friday, May 25, 2012

Indian Princess Moonbat Feathers Stonewalls

Elizabeth Warren, after more than a week of playing hide and seek following the revelation that she claimed to be 1/32nd Cherokee based solely on “family lore”, was challenged by a Fox 25 reporter in Boston.  She would not answer questions and even asked the reporter’s producer to stop.  The producer said he couldn’t stop her in mid-sequence.

Watch the hilarity ensue as Warren tries valiantly to stonewall.  It’ll give you a good chuckle.

The reason Warren is so flummoxed is because she has come under fire for a minority listing in two law school directories—Harvard Law and U Penn.  She has not produced documents proving her claim and the natives are restless.

A Cherokee genealogist and historian, Twila Brown, believes that Warren needs to come clean and admit that she has no evidence.

A spokesman for Ms. Brown released a statement reading, "In the absence of any facts, Elizabeth Warren continues to claim she is a Native American minority. She needs to stop stonewalling and finally produce the records from the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard that will show whether or not she or these schools benefited in any way from this false information about her ancestry."

The report from Fox 25 cites a Suffolk University poll which claims that the “Cherokee issue” will not hurt Warren’s challenge for the Senate seat currently held by Scott Brown.

That may very well be true since Taxachusetts continued to re-elect the most liberal man in the history of the Senate, Ted Kennedy, who famously left Mary Jo Kopechne to drown in the car he drove off a bridge and the soon-to-be-retired and openly gay Bawney Fwank.


  1. Hey, have a great Memorial Day Weekend, pisan!

  2. Typical lying moonbat liberal.

    Answer the question you lying pos. Can't answer it? Jeeze, I wonder why.


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