Thursday, April 19, 2012

No Greek Columns For You This Time Buddy

POTUS’s hometown rag, The Chicago Tribune, printed a piece entitled “Of Silver Spoons and Greek Columns: Obama, Romney Clash.”

From the article we read:
“Obama, a Democrat, and Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee, outlined the weaknesses they saw in each other's economic plans in dueling speeches in Ohio and North Carolina.”
"’I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth,’ Obama said at a community college outside Cleveland, in a not-so-subtle dig at Romney's fortune, which is estimated at up to $250 million.”
In Charlotte, the site of the 2012 DNC convention, GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney reminded his supporters that the errand boy sent by grocery clerks is leading America down the same disastrous path as the bankrupt country of Greece.

"One thing I am convinced that you are not going to see at the Democratic convention, you're not going to see President Obama standing alongside Greek columns. He is not going to want to remind anybody of Greece. He doesn't want to remind anyone of Greece because he has put us on a road to become more like Greece," said Romney.

"With trillion dollar deficits each of the years he has been in office, with forecasts of huge deficits down the road this is a president who is putting in peril our economic future," he added.

Piling on insult to injury Romney said, “We’ve learned who Barack Obama is and what he’s capable of doing. He’s over his head, and he’s swimming in the wrong direction.”

Romney’s clever swipe at the president’s cheesy Greek columns and the DNC’s pathetic hero worship is, by far, a more powerful metaphor for the stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure than the pitiable reference to silver spoons.

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  1. You were right...bullseye!! Love the photoshop.


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