Friday, March 16, 2012

Round Two Of The NCAA Tourney: Duke vs. Lehigh

Tonight at 7:15, Duke meets Lehigh in the second round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  Duke is the No. 2 seed while the Mountain Hawks of Lehigh are the No. 15 seed.

Duke is favored by 12 points.  An online poll shows that 77.6% of fans believe Duke will win easily while 22.4% are rooting for Lehigh to upset the sporting world.

The game will be played at the Greensboro Coliseum—right in Duke’s back yard.



  1. Sorry. Hard to believe Duke lost. Really, when it comes to BBall of any sort, I could care less, but, if I have to root, I root for Duke. They won me a lot of free beer back when they beat UNLV in that 2 pt shocker.

  2. @William Teach,
    I am devastated.

    There are now no perfect brackets according to a tweet from ESPN. I couldn't watch the game because I was at work. The guys had a case of the jaws for me, so I quickly advised them that I would be rooting for anyone BUT Carolina.

    I may even pull for FSU.


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