Saturday, March 17, 2012

Right Jabs For March 17, 2012

All the news that's fit to link from conservative blogger friends.  Enjoy.

Another Obama BFF who just happens to be a big, fat, low-class pig.  A shocker, I know.

These days it’s not often that you see a member of the Despairing Classes being seduced by classic Communism on a city street, but it does happen.

…four years of non-stop rutting in Sarah Palin’s uterus…

The man reads from his teleprompter like a pro but has little of import to say, lies shamelessly, uses eighth-grade language, leans heavily toward long-windedness, and stumbles over his own tongue like a stroke victim.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.  And, no, this is not a prompt to get you to put down those filthy coffin nails.

Obama’s canary is sick.  (I won’t be sending get-well flowers.)

The People’s Republic of California—Parasites rely on the good will and the capricious favor of a benefactor.

It was as if a tweet had flapped its wings in South America causing chaos in the political system.

Sinkholes in the road we’ve traveled—unbridled bullshit schmaltz.

The half-solved problem according to Yoda.

Morticia Addams, looking worse than the Cryptkeeper, announces the return to the Dark Ages.

People with full frontal lobotomies can still cry?

Beloved around the world for his unique unicorn taming abilities and Nobel-Peace-prize-winning-management and launching of several wars is not as quite beloved as we were lead to believe.  Hey, can you say “flambé”?

A productive member of society with some thoughts on St. Patrick’s Day.

"I'm very leery of ethnic jokes in my position; the only ones I can tell are Irish!"  Must see video of the classiest president this nation has ever had.

Arlen Sphincter, duplicitous rat bastard, continues to rot in retirement.

“Don’t tell me words don’t matter,” Obama once said. And he was right. Words do matter. The words of his mentors that have rooted hate so deep in the black community that it has become a cancer, a sore that bleeds violence, a stain on the soul.

Mark Zuckerberg, Director of CIA’s Facebook ProgramCAUTION:  political parody by The Onion.

One trick pony that is clearly full of shit.

This one’s for Andrew.

Pioneering beering. 

Obama shill flummoxed by criticism from another Obama shill.

I heard it was a bestseller in Elbonia, with a literacy rate similar to the likelihood of a President Palin next January.

Ack.  Make it stop.  Boob belts gone wild.

What will it be, ye patriots?  A million tentacles of injustice?

Apocalypse Now or Obama’s “good war”?

That's my linky-love for this week.  Now you go out and make it good day.  Thanks for stopping by my place.


  1. Thanks for the link. We are shameless linkmongers. That's all it took for you to get on our blogroll.

  2. @Will Profit,

    Shameless is as shameless does. CP has now been added to the PCP blogroll.

    Thanks for stopping by and posting your comment. Have a great weekend.

  3. Thanks for the "hot" link, Curmudgeon!

  4. @Proof,

    You're most welcome, sir. Enjoy your weekend.


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