Saturday, March 24, 2012

Right Jabs For March 24, 2012

Herewith, all the news that's fit to link from conservative blogger friends.  Enjoy.

Once you've heard one Obama speech on oil, you've heard them all

Apparently, it doesn’t pay to be a drummer at Occupy Maine.

The eternal sunshine of the spotless memory hole.

Check closely.  A man and his dog.

When King Hussein Obama demands courtesy, you’d better give it to him.

The great oil flim-flam.

they suddenly awake to find they have communism.

President Obama’s willingness to falsify the facts about a personal tragedy in order to make a political point speaks volumes about not only his cynicism but also his character. 

keep in mind that I’m a comedian when I call your mother a whore.

…because what Maher decries is their very reason for existence.

Immelt’s conversion from public Obama supporter to a private detractor is important: It shows how even businessmen who feast off his subsidies worry about his overall economic agenda and its long-term impact on the economy.

Hundreds died in a plot that appears to have been designed to impose gun control. It’s past time for the appointment of an independent prosecutor, and to press for criminal charges against those responsible for the carnage that has resulted from the deadliest scandal in U.S. government history.

I think I’ve probably heard about the stupidest thing this election cycle in an election cycle that’s been wrought with stupidity.

Imagine all the things government planners cannot anticipate when, in their defining hubris, they try to impose their static dream of the “right kind” of future.

Once a slug, always a slug, silky pony...

 …but still the Syrian people loved this very modern woman, slim with a great sense of style and never seen in a burqa. 

It's so pathetic, I found myself thinking, it's genuinely dumb-ugly and beyond his girlfriend, if he has one, and his parents, who would read such nonsense?

I tuned in mostly to stare at it in utter effing disbelief. You know, if anybody on the whole planet but beloved token Bill Cosby had made a cartoon about a group of ugly, stupid poor black children in the ghetto, he’d've been run out of town on a banjo.

The fight for freedom never ends.

 “If you’re not prepared to go to jail to stand up for your freedoms, you don’t understand what this election is about.”

”Just the other night my wife came to me on her hands and knees."

His clowning achievement.

So President Obama is apparently endorsing this as something appropriate for a president to peddle...

A fairly raucous hash tag game broke out on Twitter.

Obama’s Chevy Go-Cart has a hard time staying on the road.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Isn’t it racist to talk about a black guy “evolving?”

We can fix this on our terms, while we still control our destiny, or we can wait until we are like the decrepit Soviet Union or today’s Greece, sold into penury and helplessly prostrate before the international bankers and enemy nations eager for our humiliating comeuppance.

President Obama’s emotional siding with Trayvon Martin in the Rose Garden Friday, hailed by some as a moment of leadership on race relations, is an egregious abnegation of duty that could help lead to race riots and further deaths.

People who read the Constitution are a threat to the people who trample on the Constitution.

Enjoy your weekend.  Stay safe out there and please come back.


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  2. @Randy-g,

    The pleasure is all mine, my friend.

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    Glad to do it, sir. Take care out there.


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