Monday, March 5, 2012

Photoshop™ Of The Day: Breitbart’s Dog Whistle

Linked at Adrienne's Corner.  Thanks girl.
Linked at TrogloPundit.  Thanks, Lance.


  1. I think I know you . . . .

    And welcome back!

    There's always need for a curmudgeon of surpassing intellect and good taste.

  2. @Quite Rightly,

    Yes you do know me, ma'am. It is an honor to have you visit here and read my humble scribblings.

  3. @Adrienne,

    Go ahead and pinch it. I'm delighted you like it. Have a great day.

  4. Thanks...posted it today with all the proper kudos in place.

    It makes me want to run and out and buy a whistle and any time a loony leftie opens his/her mouth just blasting their everliving eardrums out. I hope this isn't one of those "silent" doggie whistles!

  5. @Diogenes Sarcastica,

    Thank you sir. I have added your site to the blogroll here.


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