Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mitt And The Granite State

Ira Stoll, writing for The Future of Capitalism, offers these thoughts on Romney’s New Hampshire victory:

Mitt Romney's victory in the New Hampshire primary could be a wonderful thing for the country. What a resounding rejection by the Republican Party of the Michael Moore-style attacks on Mr. Romney by Newt Gingrich's SuperPac, by Rick Perry (who called Bain Capital "vultures that are sitting out there on the tree limb waiting for the company to get sick, and then they swoop in, they eat the carcass, they leave with that, and they leave the skeleton"), and even by Forbes' Robert Lenzner, a smart ex-Goldman Sachs guy who in a Forbes piece accuses Bain of engaging in "indefensible corporate rape." And who better to defend capitalism under attack than Mr. Romney, an actual successful capitalist who, in his victory remarks, promised "a clear and unapologetic defense" of "economic freedom"? Mr. Romney said he'd make the federal government "simpler, smaller, and smarter," that he'd "cut, cap, and balance the federal budget," and that his blueprint would be the Constitution.
Hat Tip Instapundit


  1. I'll believe that this was a big deal for either Romney or Paul if they can duplicate the effort in a primary not half filled with Democrats and Independents.

    Needless to say, I don't take Mitt's inevitability for "granite".

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