Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Encouragement Helps Get Us Across The Finish Line

The greatest generation, our WWII Veterans, love to wear their veteran hat. They taught us that perseverance and its twin, courage, are the most important of all collective virtues.

They bequeathed a far safer, more prosperous, bounteous and leisured society through their valiant sacrifice.  The generations which followed have largely taken these things for granted.

The Chinese Lung Rot pandemic has scared the hell out of the American people.  We’ve lost 17 million jobs and more are projected for the month of April.  Its put a major dent in our economy.  We closed down our schools and shuttered the churches.  There is panic and pandemonium.  Rather than proclaiming, “Let’s Roll!” like we did after 9/11 the unhinged media and punditry recommend we roll up in a ball and hide under the bed.  That’s not the way America works!

I may not have a DD-214 but I believe encouragement helps get us across the finish line and that is why I purchased the Coronavirus Veteran Hat.  It features an array of four ribbons:  Maintaining Wi-Fi Connection, Corona Survival, Hand Sanitization and Toilet Paper Shortage Survival.

When I saw a tweet featuring the hat it made me chuckle.  Admit it.  Somebody has one helluva sense of humor.  Was it coincidence that we had a severe storm that took out my internet connection the day after I ordered the hat?  Is it not true that Amazon, Walmart and all the janitorial products websites are all declaring they are out of stock on hand sanitizer, disinfecting sprays and wipes?  I ordered ear loop face masks well before the CDC and the White House Coronavirus Task Force strongly recommended we wear them when we leave our homes only to have Amazon notify me the “shipment may have been lost”.  Come on, really?

So, while our president tears journalists limb from limb in his daily coronavirus briefings and the left is wringing their sweaty little hands trying to blame him for this unprecedented calamity, I will wear my Coronavirus Veteran Morale Hat knowing I have stayed at home to slow the spread and we are one day closer to life returning to normal.

Life is worth living as long as there's a laugh in it.

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