Saturday, March 7, 2020

Traitor To America Endorses Communist Presidential Candidate

Hanoi Jane, the aging 82-year-old whacko actress, officially endorsed Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Democratic primary on Friday.
“We have to get a climate president in office, and there’s only one right now, and that’s Bernie Sanders,” the traitor to America told USA TODAY shortly before attending a climate protest in Los Angeles “So, I’m indirectly saying I believe you have to support the climate candidate.”

Comrade Bernie is a vocal proponent of aggressive climate policies including the complete transition to renewable energy and ending “the greed of the fossil fuel industry.” He is a supporter of the Bronx Bolshevik’s Green New Deal.

Fonda, who had donated to Amy Klobuchar of the frozen tundra and Pocahontas, said she's now going to shift her support to the commie who combs his hair with a balloon.

For the younger crowd, Fonda famously posed with North Vietnamese soldiers atop an anti-aircraft gun in Hanoi in 1972 to protest the Vietnam War.  She “claims” to regret that decision.  I know of no one who hasn’t thrown the bullshit flag on that lie.

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