Saturday, March 14, 2020

Corrupt Democrat Politician And CNN Contributor Asks For Privacy

This is not just another bizarre “Florida Man” news story.  It’s the story of one of the darlings of the Democrat Party caught in a drug-fueled party with naked gay men in a hotel room.

According to a published report in USA Today, Andrew Gillum, former mayor of Tallahassee and 2018 Democratic nominee for governor of the Sunshine State, was involved in a meth overdose incident in the wee hours of Friday morning in a Miami Beach hotel room.

When cops arrived they found plastic baggies with crystal meth out in the open on the bed and floor of the hotel room.  Gillum was there with two other men.  One had to be treated for a possible drug overdose.

The man being treated was Travis Dyson, who according to WPLG Local 10 in Miami, “identifies as a pornstar performer and mentions gay massages in a Rent Men profile.”  His Instagram account, now made private, shares sexual videos of him with a “muscular man” in a thong he identified as Dyson’s boyfriend.

After the Miami Herald got hold of the police report exposing Gillum to a scandal, he released a statement to the Miami Herald describing Dyson as a “friend”.

"I was in Miami last night for a wedding celebration when first responders were called to assist one of my friends. While I had too much to drink, I want to be clear that I have never used methamphetamines. I apologize to the people of Florida for the distraction this has caused our movement.”

“I’m thankful to the incredible Miami Beach EMS team for their efforts. I will spend the next few weeks with my family and appreciate privacy during this time.”

You can read the Miami PD police report here.

Gillum is no stranger to scandal. His 2018 gubernatorial campaign began to falter after revelations surfaced about his interactions with lobbyists and undercover FBI agents during out-of-town trips.

You might assume the story ends there.  You would be wrong.  Tallahassee Reports reveals “at least nine law enforcement officials responded to the call, including three captains.”

The incident did not result in any arrests.  Why not?  The presence of such high-ranking law enforcement officials raises some serious questions.  You know where I’m going with this.

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber, who donated $1,000 to Gillum’s gubernatorial campaign told reporters, “There does not exist an active investigation surrounding this matter.  I have no further comment.”

The final police report, which has apparently been amended several times, indicates a photographer was on the scene and “BWC USED”.  The acronym BWC refers to Body Worn Camera.

Somebody needs to make a FOIA request for the video before its magically inadvertently erased.  If it is true that there are 768 sealed indictments in the North Florida District, how many have Gillum’s name on them?

Gelber, according to his Wikipedia profile, served in the Florida Legislature from 2000 to 2010 and the Democratic nominee for Attorney General of Florida in 2010.  I smell RICO organized crime activity.

It seems appropriate to quote Walter White (Bryan Cranston) from the hit TV show Breaking Bad:

“If you don’t know who I am, then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly.”

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