Saturday, January 4, 2020

Iran Flies “Red Flag Of Revenge” For First Time In History

Some jerk-off tweeted the hoisting of a “red flag of revenge” over the minarets of Jamkaran Mosque in Qom, Iran this morning.  Reportedly, it is one of the country’s holiest mosques.  It is a call for revenge in Shia Islam and, like lemmings going over the proverbial cliff, news outlets are describing the event as “terrifying”.

The flag, it is said, refers to a Shia martyr named Husayn,  He was the grandson of the prophet Muhammad who was beheaded in 680 A.D at the Battle of Karbala.  The squiggles seen on the flag roughly translate to “O, the avengers of Husayn.”

So what we have here is flag that a passel of Persians whipped out of the closet after 14 centuries to “terrify” the world?  C’mon, man!

Qom, where this flag is now flying, is 20 miles away from Iran’s heavily fortified underground Fordo uranium enrichment facility which houses 1,044 centrifuges for enriching uranium-235.

Who remembers the spectacular MOAB bomb President Trump unleashed on an ISIS cave complex in Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar Province in April of 2017?  The weapon, affectionately called the “mother of all bombs” was so massive it had to be dropped from the rear of a cargo plane.

The bomb explodes a few feet above the ground and is designed to send a devastating wave of fire and blast waves hundreds of yards to kill troops, flatten trees, knock over structures, collapse cave entrances and have a substantial psychological effect on those who witness its use well beyond the impact zone.

The ball’s in your court dudes.  How badly do you want President Trump to fuck up your nasty little sandbox?  Think hard.  It might well be your very last decision before your ticket to hell is punched.

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