Monday, August 12, 2019

Joe Biden Befuddled Buffoon

After months on the campaign trail, Joe Biden is still tripping over his tongue in politically perilous ways.

His challenge is to show that he is the Democrats’ numero uno hope of ousting President Trump. Giving voters flashbacks of past bloopers won't help him do that, nor will any suggestion that he's “lost a step”.

Biden’s constant blunders expose either poor preparation, or an obstinate refusal to admit he is just an old man set in his ways without the active mind to connect his brand of government to a 21st Century society.

Uncle Joe, pick up the phone.  The Burly Gates Retirement Home is holding on line 1.

NOTE FROM OUR ATTORNEY:  The last one with the blimp is patently false.  We apologize if it was misleading.

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