Thursday, August 29, 2019

Comey: “I’m Just A Catty Bitch”

A just-released Justice Department Inspector General's report provides new details on the January 2017 plan by then-FBI Director James Comey, FBI officials and the nation's intelligence chiefs to spring a scandalous allegation on President-elect Trump, quickly record his reaction, use a prearranged secure videoconference to discuss the information, and fit it all into the FBI's ongoing "Crossfire Hurricane" investigation.

The allegation came from the so-called “dirty” dossier which was a collection of unverified tales about Trump and Russia compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele. The story was that in a Moscow hotel room four years earlier, Donald Trump had watched as prostitutes performed a kinky sex act as Russian intelligence service cameras rolled.

The new report shows Comey and other top officials placed great credibility in the allegation, which even Steele himself reportedly had grave doubts about.

Comey, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Chief of Staff James Rybicki, General Counsel James Baker, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page prepared “meticulously” for the moment when Comey would meet with President-Elect Trump alone in Trump Tower and ambush him with the salacious findings in the dossier.

“Comey said he had a secure FBI laptop waiting for him in his FBI vehicle and that when he got into the vehicle, he was handed the laptop and ‘began typing as the vehicle moved,'” the report says. He worked on his account as the FBI car took him to the New York field office, where aides had set up a secure video teleconference with Rybicki, McCabe, Baker, and the “Crossfire Hurricane” supervisors. Comey continued to work on his memo after that and sent the group a final version the next day, Saturday, Jan. 7.

This has to be the closest our country has come to a coup attempt in modern times.

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) said during a Fox News interview, “Power does not change you; it unmasks you. I believed for a long time and this report confirms it, Mr. Comey is a meat head. He is a political hack. He hurt the FBI badly.”

“The FBI should not be a political body. And Mr. Comey acted like a political operative while he was F.B.I. Director and every day since.  It’s just sleazy. I think Chris Wray [FBI Director] has a lot of work to do to regain the confidence of the American people for the FBI.”

Kennedy added that while he believes most FBI officials are “professionals,” Comey has done significant damage to the institution.

“I believe before this report came out he just cheapened the premier law enforcement agency in all of human history.  He ought to hide his head in a bag.”
Comey released a statement portraying the scathing report as a type of victory and encouraged his critics to send their apologies to him. 
He has magnanimously accepted phantom apologies no one has offered and claimed exoneration appearing nowhere in the Inspector General’s report. 

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