Thursday, May 9, 2019

Fractured Fairy Tales: When Humpty Dumpty Met Chicken Little

Democrats, instigating a contempt vote against Attorney General William Barr over a lightly redacted report is the best way to pretend we are living through a constitutional crisis.

Democrats who hold the majority on the House Judiciary Committee aren’t content with simply holding Barr in contempt, they want to arrest him and slap him in the jail located in the basement of the Capitol. “His day in the sun is coming,” Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said.

They have moved from conspiracies about Russia to conspiracies about the report debunking the conspiracy; and they are unnerved.  Attorney General Barr is pursuing an inquiry into the Obama Administration’s decision to conduct a foreign counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign.
After a week of histrionics about Attorney General Bill Barr, who had offended Democrats and their media allies by writing a letter that accurately laid out the findings of the Special Counsel’s two-year investigation fat, fat water rat Jerry Nadler began demanding the release of the unredacted report. The White House, as expected, ­asserted executive privilege.

Though the law clearly places discretion over the redaction with the Attorney General, Nadler claimed assertion had triggered a “constitutional crisis.”

Democrats, in fact, were so exceptionally uninterested in specifics of the redactions that when Barr offered a dozen members of Congress, six Democrats and six Republicans, the option of reviewing the minimally redacted report, not a single Democrat — not Chuck Schumer, not Nancy Pelosi and not Jerry Nadler — showed up to take a look.

It’s all an act meant to create the perception that Barr, in cahoots with Trump, is hiding the findings of Mueller’s unimpeded and open-ended investigation.

If they had taken the time to review the Mueller Report, Democrats would have found they had access to more than 98% of the report, including 99.9 percent of the politically charged Volume II, according to DOJ. Nadler knows very well the sliver of redacted material consisting of grand jury material and classified information related to ongoing investigations shouldn’t be made public.

There is a legitimate need for congressional oversight of the executive branch. For far too long, partisans have abdicated their constitutional duty. And when people like Humpty Dumpty use that power as a political cudgel, they corrode the public’s trust.

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