Saturday, March 30, 2019

March Madness: The Last Perfect Bracket Busted

According to Chicago’s ABC 7, the last perfect bracket among NCAA Tournament fans was busted Thursday.

Gregg Nigl, a 40-year-old neuropsychologist from Ohio, created the bracket on 

My brackets were nuked early on, but I had Duke advancing through the Sweet 16 and the Elite 8 and, of course, to the National Championship.

Nigl didn't even realize his bracket was still intact on Tuesday, having correctly predicted the outcome of all 48 games that had been played so far.  Nigl even changed his Twitter handle to Gregg “Perfect Bracket” Nigl.  Mr. Perfect is no more after Purdue’s overtime win over the Vols.
Purdue had a commanding lead throughout most of the game and was leading by 18 in the second half before the Vols went on a 32-14 run to tie the game at 65 with six minutes left to play.

The pivotal moment in the game came with 10 seconds left.  With the Vols up 82-80, Purdue moved the ball into the corner passing to Carsen Edwards.  Had he not missed the three-pointer the game would have been over.

Tennessee’s Lamonte Turner allegedly fouled Edwards.  The call was controversial.  Edwards’ heels were on the line when he attempted that shot.  The refs declared Turner had contact with Edwards’ hip.
The foul sent Edwards to the charity stripe allowing Purdue to tie the game and send the game into overtime with the final score of 99-94.

Saturday’s games:

No. 3 Texas Tech vs. No. 1 Gonzaga 6:09 PM, TBS
No. 3 Purdue vs. No. 1 Virginia 8:49 PM, TBS

Sunday’s games:

No. 1 Duke vs. No. 2 Michigan State 5:05 PM, CBS
No. 5 Auburn vs. No. 2 Kentucky 2:20 PM, CBS

Spartans Head coach Tom Izzo hopes his team has the same success against Duke as they did against LSU, but that will only happen if they can come up with a robust defense to control Zion “Thunder Dunk” Williamson and R. J. “Maple Mamba” Barrett.

Williamson was incredible against the Hokies, this time finishing with 23 points on 11-of-14 shooting. The biggest story might have been the hot shooting of teammate Tre Jones, who hit five three-pointers after never making more than two in one game all season. R.J. Barrett was also phenomenal, adding 18 points and 11 assists in the win. Duke will continue to be a favorite throughout this tournament because Williamson is by far the best player in the country. 

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Biden Is So Dumb He Needs A Spotter To Work On A Sudoku Puzzle

Joe Biden has issued yet another non-apology to Anita Hill.  At the Biden Courage Awards in New York Tuesday night, he said he regretted how the Senate Judiciary Committee, which he chaired, handled Anita Hill’s sexual harassment allegations against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

“A brave lawyer, a really notable woman, Anita Hill, a professor, showed the courage of a lifetime talking about her experience being harassed by Clarence Thomas, but she paid a terrible price. She was abused in the hearing. She was taken advantage of. Her reputation was attacked. I wish I could have done something.”

Hill insists after 28 years Biden has yet to apologize to her.

A published report from the Atlanta Journal Constitution stated Biden had met with defeated Georgia gubernational candidate Stacey Abrams to discuss the possibility of her being his running mate for 2020.  Abrams quashed that notion when she appeared on ABC’s The View telling the audience, “you don’t run for second place.”  Ouch!

Biden has been playing a drawn out game of hide-and-seek over whether he will announce his candidacy for president. Democrats are desperately searching for someone who can defeat President Trump in 2020.

Several political operatives who worked or volunteered for Biden’s 2008 campaign have signaled they are unlikely to do so this cycle, in part, because they know the embarrassments are coming.

Uncle Joe Biden’s loose lips and outmoded attitudes won’t fly with today’s Democrat Party renegades.

Joe’s going to need an astounding amount of campaign cash to mount a successful challenge against the throng of arrogant pukes who’ve already thrown their hat in the ring.

Way back in 2008, his ill-fated presidential campaign managed to reach 5% in the national polls.  When the Iowa caucus votes tallied a dismal 1%, he dropped out of the race.

The brains in Biden’s head make beluga caviar look like sawdust.

The good folks at the Washington Free Beacon unearthed a video from the 1970s where Biden argued the political system was inherently corrupt and forced candidates to go to “the people who have money” who always “want something.”

"You run the risk of deciding whether or not you're going to prostitute yourself to give the answer you know they want to hear in order to get funded to run for that office," Biden testified during the program.

Biden admits he decided to "prostitute" himself but was denied because of his age.

"I went to the big guys for the money," Biden said. "I was ready to prostitute myself in the manner in which I talk about it, but what happened was they said, ‘Come back when you're 40, son.'"

"So, I had to go out, I had to go out to a number of small contributors," he said.

Biden goes on to say his ability to raise money despite his rejection from big donors—he said he raised $276,000—was due to his unique identity as a young person.

"I'm a 29-year-old oddball," he said. "The only reason I was able to raise the money is that I was able to have a national constituency to run for office, because I was 29."

"I'm like the token black or the token woman," Biden said. "I was the token young person."

The broader issue is Biden has been around politics so long his votes while a senator can and will be picked apart as evidence that he is simply not the right person to lead an increasingly diverse, younger and more female Democratic Party. 

His stewardship over the Thomas hearing and his vote in favor of the 1994 crime bill are the two most obvious examples of that problem, but there are and will be others.

Biden’s full appearance on PBS’s The Advocates can be viewed here.  A spokesperson for the Biden Foundation did not respond to a request for comment.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Most Interesting Maddow

Pull My Hoof

Last month Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised to give “everybody an opportunity to go on record and see how they feel about the Green New Deal.”

The resolution amassed significant but by no means widespread support on Capitol Hill — there were 67 co-sponsors in the House and 11 in the Senate, including several current or potential presidential contenders: Bernie Sanders, Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar.

Penned by the Bronx Bolshevik, the Green New Deal was so sophomoric it was compared to a toddler’s crayon scribblings.

Her all-encompassing rail system would cover the nation “at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary” leaving Americans living in the Great State of Hawaii to swim to the mainland to visit granny or enjoy Disneyland.

The GND would cost $93 trillion dollars and, best of all, the Federal Reserve would extend credit for all the infrastructure needed to retrofit all the buildings and houses in America with renewable energy sources through “new public banks that would extend credit too.”

The most outrageous claim was a “guarantee” that so much money would exist there would be “economic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work.”
“I’m not immediately afraid of what the Green New Deal would do to our economy and our government,” Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) said. “Rather, after reading the Green New Deal, I’m mostly afraid of not being able to get through this speech with a straight face.”

To poke fun at the Green New Deal, Lee took to the Senate floor with a poster of President Ronald Reagan riding a velociraptor while firing a machine gun.

“Critics might quibble with this depiction of the climactic battle of the Cold War, because, while awesome, in real life there was no climactic battle. There was no battle with or without velociraptors,” Lee said. “The Cold War, as we all know, was won without firing a shot.”

The Utah senator added that point underscores his message “because this image has as much to do with overcoming communism in the 20th century as the Green New Deal has to do with overcoming climate change in the 21st.”

The Utah senator also argued that the abolishment of air travel would be especially difficult for a place like Hawaii, which is warm, isolated, and heavily reliant on tourism. Without airplanes, he explained, Hawaiians may be best served to look to Aquaman, the super hero from the sea kingdom of Atlantis, who Lee pointed out was also “a founding member of the Super Friends.”

“I draw your attention to the 20-foot impressive seahorse he’s riding. Under the Green New Deal, this is probably Hawaii’s best bet.”  
The Green New Deal struggled in the Senate failing to reach the necessary 60 votes to start debate on the non-binding resolution.

No senator voted to begin debate on the legislation, while 57 lawmakers voted against breaking the filibuster. Forty-three Democrats voted "present."

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Hitler Finds Out The Mueller Investigation Is Over

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Monday, March 25, 2019

Flowing Curves Of Beauty

A guy meets a woman at a bar.  She told him she wanted to have his babies.  Guy says to the woman, “Watch my beer.  I’ll go home and get ‘em.”

Saturday, March 23, 2019

It’s Going To Be Weird Watching Robert De Niro As Mueller Singing “Hallelujah” On Saturday Night Live

The satirical show will be back with its new season on Saturday, March 30 and it’s going to be delicious to watch.

How delicious?

Remember the first episode after Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election?  The show opened with Kate McKinnon dressed as Hillary Clinton singing Leonard Cohen’s mournful “Hallelujah”.

It was a bizarre response to Granny’s cataclysmic loss just four days before that was more like a lobotomy than recognition of Trump’s victory.  At the end of the song, McKinnon said, with her voice noticeably cracking, “I’m not giving up and neither should you.  And live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!”

The announcement late Friday afternoon that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had submitted his long-awaited report on Russian interference in the 2016 election to Attorney General William Barr sent Democrats, Hollywood types, Never Trumpers and a wide array of Lefty news anchors and pundits into a shitstorm of panic.

The disappointment is real from Democrats who had their hearts set on vindication that President Trump was going down. It’s as though they actually thought he would be frog-marched out of the White House in leg irons.

Hollywood celebrities are inconsolable:
Robert De Niro made a couple of appearances on Saturday Night Live last year in the role of Robert Mueller due, in large part, to a video he made in which he called the president a punk, a pig and a dog, and said he would like to punch him in the face.  At the 2018 Tony Awards he screamed at the top of his lungs, “I’m gonna say one thing.  Fuck Trump!”  The outburst won De Niro a standing ovation.

De Niro has been driven insane by his loathing of the president.  So…it wouldn’t surprise me at all that Lorne Michaels books him to do the “Hallelujah” gig.

Now that’ll be funny. 

Why Is Everyone At CNN and MSNBC Standing On A Ledge?

After 675 days we now know collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign never existed.  The Democrat Media Complex’s fever dream was a bunch of malarkey.

Obama’s Department of Justice and FBI conspired to manufacture a dangerous story line so repulsive it would appall the American people and set them against Donald Trump, the duly elected President.  They willfully abandoned the very laws they were sworn to uphold and contributed to the biggest political scandal in American history.

The mainstream media conspired with John Brennan, Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Christopher Steele, Hillary Clinton, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, et. al. and now Americans cannot possibly believe another word, another utterance from them.  They will not apologize to us.  That’s alright.  Now we know too much about the FISA warrants and the Steele dossier and we will not be so easily deceived again.

The Deep State coup has failed.

President Trump has been hamstrung for two years.  He has persisted throughout this entire fantasy of the howling hyenas of the press.  Jim Acosta can you hear me?

They railed against the president when he called the press the "enemy of the people".  They were convinced they were saving the Republic.  My ass.

Apologies are owed to President Trump, his family, his Administration and to all the deplorables who never lost faith in the man who promised to fight for the forgotten men and women of this nation.

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Friday, March 22, 2019

Mueller Report Hits the Streets

The Caliphate Has Crumbled; Obama Should Be Along Any Minute Now To Take The Credit

US-led warplanes bombed the north bank of the Euphrates River in eastern Syria today to flush out holdout jihadists from the last sliver of their crumbling caliphate. The bombardment ended two days of relative calm on the front line in the remote village of Baghouz near the Iraqi border. The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) had paused its advance while it combed a makeshift jihadist encampment, which it overran on Tuesday.

An SDF official who asked not to be named said warplanes of the US-led coalition resumed strikes on suspected jihadist positions before dawn on Friday. Top SDF commander Jia Furat said his forces were engaging with the jihadists on several fronts while the coalition warplanes provided air support. The US-led coalition said the "operation to complete the liberation of Baghouz is ongoing".

President Trump, making brief remarks to reporters after landing in Palm Beach, FL showed a before-and-after map to demonstrate the extent of the caliphate’s losses during his presidency.

Some Islamic State fighters remain holed up in the central Syrian desert, an area entirely surrounded by the Syrian army.

Over the past two months, more than 60,000 people have flooded out of the dwindling pocket on the Euphrates around Baghouz, about half of them civilians including some Islamic State captives, the SDF has said.

The capture of Baghouz was slowed out of concern for thousands of civilian hostages.

The fate of the self-described caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, remains unknown. He has been reported "killed" perhaps a half-dozen times. In 2017, a Russian lawmaker said a Russian airstrike "close to 100 percent" killed him.

U.S. military officials in Syria believe he is still alive, hiding out in the desert near the Syria-Iraq border, based on communications intercepts and interviews with ISIS detainees. Last August, ISIS released an audio recording purporting to be Baghdadi, but he has not been heard from since.

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Biden Wants To Show Us His “Package”

Today we learned advisers to former Vice President Joe Biden are debating the idea of packaging his presidential campaign announcement with a pledge to choose Stacey Abrams as his vice president. Abrams lost her gubernatorial race to then-Secretary of State Brian Kemp by more than 50,000 votes.
She has been known to “regale listeners with anecdotes about how she plotted her revenge following the Nov. 6 election last year.”

She ended her campaign only when it became clear she had exhausted every possible option to overturn the results of the election. And even when she ended her campaign, she refused to concede she lost. She maintains to this day that Kemp won only because he suppressed the vote.

Biden’s advisers argue Abrams would bring diversity and youth to the ticket plus show Biden 'isn't just another old white guy,' Axios reported.

According to a published report in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the sore loser met with Creepy Uncle Joe in Washington a week ago in Washington to “discuss her next political steps.”

The Biden camp floating this ginormous trial balloon is just pandering to far-Left social justice warriors.  More likely, it’s a “gimmick” as many have asserted.

President Trump must’ve gotten wind of Joey Plugs’ ploy and introduced his own Abrams tank while campaigning in Lima, OH yesterday.

Biden is currently being subjected to a barrage of criticism about his record on racially sensitive issues, from his anti-busing activism in the 1970s to his key role in the passage of anti-crime legislation in the 1990s associated with mass incarceration. This line of attack has endangered a key Biden political asset: his popularity among African-American voters, mostly attributable to his two-term partnership with The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer. Biden’s already vulnerable to a loss of black support with two African-American rivals, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, in the field.  

Months before the 2012 presidential election, Biden told a mostly black audience that Mitt Romney and Republicans were going to put them “back in chains.”

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An Undemocratic Power Grab

You pack sardines.  You don’t pack the courts.

As if we needed any more evidence that Democrats are still not taking their devastating 2016 election loss well, they want to pack the U.S. Supreme Court.

In recent weeks, there has been growing support for court-packing on the Left. A number of Democrat presidential candidates have either endorsed the idea of expanding the size of the Supreme Court to reverse the current 5-4 conservative majority among the justices, or at least indicated they are open to it.

Those expressing such views include Pete Buttgieg, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand. Former Obama administration attorney General Eric Holder also argues that the idea should be "seriously" considered. Presidential candidate Robert Francis O'Rourke has suggested a plan to increase the size of the court to fifteen justices: five Democrats, five Republicans, and five more justices selected by the other ten.

Court-packing would destroy the entire institution of judicial review by creating a pattern of escalation under which each party would pack the court any time it simultaneously controlled both Congress and the presidency. That would ensure the Court would almost never rule against any significant initiative of the party in power, no matter how dangerous and unconstitutional.

Apparently, Democrats believe originalists like Antonin Scalia who was replaced by Justice Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh who was appointed when Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, hold seances with our long-dead Founding Fathers. 

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights continue to puzzle the current crop of loons seeking the highest office in the land and our friends on the Left.
Scalia most notably said, “As long as judges tinker with the Constitution to do what the people want instead of what the document actually commands, politicians who pick and confirm new federal judges will naturally want only those who agree with them politically.”

The Supreme Court has been set at nine seats since 1869, and the last attempt at packing the court occurred in the 1937, when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was frustrated that the court had stymied some of his New Deal proposals. He proposed appointing a new justice for every sitting justice over 70 years old.

The public was horrified by visions of “Caesarism” and punished FDR’s Democrat Party in the 1938 midterm elections.  It was the most consequential legislative and political failure of the Roosevelt Administration.

The 29-year-old Bolshevik bartender from the Bronx, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, proclaimed Democrats should “pack the Supreme Court of the United States of America” as a way of kick-starting a left-wing transformation of America.

As heirs to a legacy more than two centuries old, it is important to remember there still exists other forms of government in the world.  Those countries long for a democracy such as ours.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Deception Is Not A Mistake; It's Calculating And Cold

Last week Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke announced his candidacy for president.  The Left went bonkers for the man many describe as “Kennedyesque”.

Spare me.

The guy from El Paso who looks more like Butthead from the MTV animated sitcom Beavis and Butthead mounted a Senate campaign against Sen. Ted Cruz and lost with 48.3% of the vote to Cruz’s 50.8%.  The race was close exciting Democrats who have dreamed for years of turning Texas blue.

Joe Hagan, who wrote a fawning piece on O’Rourke for Vanity Fair said, “some people consider O’Rourke politically indistinct, even slippery.”  Apparently, the guy who is slicker than owl shit fancies himself the über candidate.

Again, spare me.

O’Rourke belonged to the oldest group of computer hackers in U.S. history.  The Cult of the Dead Cow was notorious for releasing tools that allowed ordinary people to hack computers running Microsoft Windows.  He stole long distance telephone service so he “wouldn’t run up the phone bill.”

The Cult of the Dead Cow’s website has a disclaimer that remains to this day.  “Warning:  This site may contain explicit descriptions of or advocate one or more of the following:  adultery, murder, morbid violence, bad grammar, deviant sexual conduct in violent contexts or the consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs.”

Beto wrote kiddie snuff fiction on that website.  You read that right.  He fantasized about murdering children by running them over with a car.
"One day, as I was driving home from work, I noticed two children crossing the street. They were happy, happy to be free from their troubles.  This happiness was mine by right. I had earned it in my dreams." 
"As I neared the young ones, I put all my weight on my right foot, keeping the accelerator pedal on the floor until I heard the crashing of the two children on the hood, and then the sharp cry of pain from one of the two.  I was so fascinated for a moment, that when after I had stopped my vehicle, I just sat in a daze, sweet visions filling my head." 
None, and I mean none, of this was known during his senate race against Cruz.  A reporter for Reuters, Joseph Menn, knew about this man’s twisted mind back in 2017 and sat on it.

According to Menn, a reporter for Reuters, members of the hacking group were protecting O'Rourke's identity and wouldn't confirm his affiliation unless the reporter promised not to write about it until after the November election.

In an interview in late 2017, O’Rourke acknowledged that he was a member of the group, on the understanding that the information would not be made public until after his Senate race against Ted Cruz in November 2018,” Reuters wrote Friday in a piece headlined, “Backstory: How Reuters uncovered Beto O'Rourke's teenage hacking days.”

Democrats who would stop at nothing to crucify Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings with unfounded accusations implore us not to judge the musings of a teenaged Beto.  O’Rourke’s past is steeped in facts for all the world to see.

The media is in the tank for Beto and a multitude of lemmings will be fooled by his honeyed words.  They do not possess the intellect needed to characterize people by their actions or sniff out a good line of bullshit.

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Monday, March 18, 2019

Flowing Curves Of Beauty

Whiskey cost me my first marriage, my self-respect, my career, my ambition, all my friends.  So, I’m only giving it one more chance.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Brackets Looking Nice And Neat Until They Get Busted

Click on image to enlarge

Selection Sunday for 2019 The 2019 NCAA Tournament field of 68 was announced tonight with the Duke Blue Devils taking the No. 1 overall seed and the ACC becoming the first conference in a decade to get three No. 1 seeds from the same league. The Selection Committee gave some crumbs to Belmont and Temple and dissed Alabama, TCU, Indiana and NC State. 

The unwritten rule of March Madness is your brackets are going to suck.  Thank goodness ESPN gives everybody an opportunity to fill out a “Second Chance Bracket”.

A Walk On The Wild Side

Saturday, March 16, 2019

ACC Championship Game: Duke Vs Florida State

Last night’s semi-final game in the ACC Tournament was the 6th ranked matchup between Duke and UNC to be decided by a single point. Duke has now won all six.

The game was tied 44-44 at the end of the half.  The score was tied again at 54-54 with 12:38 left on the clock and again at 63-63 with 8:53 remaining.  Big ol’ Zion tied the game at 65-65 with a jumper at the 7:05 mark and the score would see-saw back and forth until the clock showed 31 seconds remaining.

The finale was not for the faint of heart.  Williamson went for a lay-up, missed it, rebounded his missed shot and managed to tap it in to take the lead for good.

The win against the Tarheels set up the title match tonight against Florida State; the team that shocked the No. 2 Virginia Cavaliers on Thursday night.  UVA center Jack Salt dejectedly said of the loss, “They punked us.  They got us on the glass.  They got us in the lane.  They just picked up apart.”
Six different teams have won the ACC Tournament over the last seven years.  The Noles were the champs in 2012.  That was then.  This is now and only one team in the nation has Zion Williamson.  Charlotte loves Duke so it’s like a home court advantage for the the Blue Devils.

In their only other meeting this year, the Blue Devils edged out FSU 80-78 in Tallahassee.  Former Duke Center Christian Laettner wondered on ESPN’s College Game Day whether Duke’s big guy would be too fatigued for tonight’s game citing he showed signs of exhaustion on the court last night against the Tarheels.  He said he hopes that’s not the case tonight because Duke is going to need “everything he’s got.”

I have a sneaking suspicion Zion is going to be totally stoked for this Championship Game.  Coach K knows how to lead his team to victory.  I’m going with Duke to win it all and get a top seed in the NCAA March Madness Road to the Final Four in Minneapolis. 

Friday, March 15, 2019

It’s Time To Say “Go To Hell Carolina”

Last night my beloved Duke Blue Devils took the court with college phenom forward Zion Williamson.  After missing the final six games of the regular season when his Nike shoe blew out causing a nasty knee sprain against the Carolina Tarheels on February 21st, Zion commanded the court.

With just two minutes having elapsed at the start of the game, Zion stole the ball from Syracuse’s Buddy Boeheim taking the length of the floor and making a thunderous dunk.
A lot of folks were concerned about Williamson’s conditioning after missing a month’s worth of games, but those doubts were put to rest.  The 285-pounder played a total of 36 minutes going 13-for-13 and scoring 29 points.  He also had five steals, two assists, a block and 14 rebounds.

Tonight, Duke meets the Tarheels in the ACC Men’s Tournament Semi-Final Round.  It’s all about revenge.  Carolina swept the Blue Devils ONLY because the mighty Zion was not on the roster.  With the exception of center Marques Bolden who is recovering from a knee sprain, Duke will be at full strength.

Last night, Syracuse guard Frank Howard played dirty by trying to trip Zion by sticking his leg out as Williamson was running down the court.  That was stupid.  Zion must outweigh that popsicle stick by at least 100 pounds. 

Thursday, March 14, 2019

His Name Is Robert Francis

Former Rep. Robert Francis “Hit & Run” O’Rourke (D-TX) has officially announced his candidacy for president in 2020.

In his announcement video he said, “This is a defining moment of truth for this country and for every single one of us. The challenges that we face right now, the interconnected crises in our economy, our democracy and our climate have never been greater.”

While challenging Ted Cruz for a seat in the U.S. Senate, O'Rourke insisted that he had no interest in running for president, vowing to quietly return to El Paso should he lose.

During the campaign he espoused an unapologetically liberal vision including advocating for President Trump’s impeachment, championing universal health care, gun control, decriminalization of weed and “relaxed” immigration policies.

Beto drives like a Kennedy and steals like a Clinton.

Jim Geraghty noted in National Review, “Not just the DUI, but his private-sector development career that used eminent domain and gentrified poor Latino neighborhoods and marrying into a billionaire’s family. The image celebrated in these gushing profiles doesn’t match the reality. He was never in the military but talked about veterans’ issues so much that some people think he was. He’s not Latino, but his ‘rise fuels hope for Latino Democrats.’ He’s the outsider who was in elected office from 2005 to 2018. He’s the modest everyman with a net worth of $9 million. He’s a boarding-school-attending son of a judge who escaped serious consequence for not just the DUI but also burglary charges.”

“Is Beto O’Rourke’s skateboarding ‘cool’? Or does a 46-year-old aspiring commander-in-chief look silly doing it in the parking lot of a Whataburger? Does wearing a pig mask and onesie while playing guitar onstage in 2003 at age 31 reflect O’Rourke’s creative, artistic, rebellious spirit? Or does he just look like a guy who really wanted to be a rock star, and is settling for being a political rock star?”