Friday, February 22, 2019

Kamala And the OJ-Style Shitshow Of Jussie Smollett

On February 16, 2016 Hillary Clinton met with noted race hustler Al Sharptongue at the popular Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem.  She was seeking support from the black community prior to the South Carolina primary where blacks overwhelmingly support Democrats.

On the very day Jussie Smollett appeared in court in Chicago surrendering to authorities when it was revealed he staged a racist and homophobic assault with the express intent of roiling racial divisions in this country, Sen. Kamala Harris was in Harlem with none other than Al Sharptongue at, you guessed it, Sylvia’s.

The presidential hopeful tweeted on January 29, “Jussie Smollett is one of the kindest, most gentle human beings I know. I’m praying for his quick recovery. This was an attempted modern-day lynching. No one should have to fear for their life because of their sexuality or color of their skin. We must confront this hate.”

What Harris did not mention were the curious details of the story—details that the Chicago Police Department investigated and finally debunked. It turns out Smollett was attacked not by red-hat-wearing white supremacists but by two Nigerian immigrants who he had paid to rough him up during a polar vortex in a city that anyone with a molecule of common sense knows is not MAGA country. The "modern day lynching" was a bogus, disgusting and exploitative affront to the real victims of hatred.

Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson was outraged as he held a press conference saying, “This announcement today recognizes that “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett took advantage of the pain and anger of racism to promote his career.”

“I’m left hanging my head and asking why.  Why would anyone, especially an African American man, use the symbolism of a noose to make false accusations?  How could someone look at the hatred of suffering associated with that symbol and see an opportunity to manipulate that symbol to further his own public profile?  How can an individual who has been embraced by the city of Chicago turn around and slap everyone in this city in the face by making these false claims?”

“I love the city of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department, warts and all, but this publicity stunt is a scar that Chicago didn’t earn and certainly didn’t deserve.  To make things worse, the accusations within this phony attack, received national attention for weeks.  Celebrities, news commentators and even presidential candidates weighed in on something that was choreographed by an actor.”

Three days earlier, Harris was unprepared when she was asked by reporters about her tweet declaring the Smollett incident was “an attempted modern-day lynching.”

“Which tweet? What tweet?” was her response.  She looked like a deer caught in the headlights.  She looked at her staff hoping to be rescued from her abject embarrassment then proffered the following answer:  "I think that the facts are still unfolding, and, um, I'm very, um concerned about obviously, the initial, um, allegation that he made about what might have happened. There should be an investigation.”

Larry Elder, conservative radio talk show host and political commentator opined: “As to the belief that racism remains a serious problem in America, can we agree that nirvana is not an option?”

“Today's definition of ‘race relations’ pretty much comes down to this: how black people feel about white people and how white people feel about how black people feel about white people. Racism has so receded as an impediment to progress that new terms became necessary to describe offensive ‘racist’ behavior. This means whites are racist, even if they don't think they are, because of their ‘white privilege.’ If white people spent as much time thinking about how to oppress black people as black people think they do, white people wouldn't have enough time to oppress black people.”

For race baiters in the Democrat Party and among the coastal elites, the cupboard is so bare that racist attacks have to be manufactured.

Sen. Harris has made a habit of making unforced errors and the presidential campaign is just getting started. Her Democrat opponents may be too faint-hearted to exploit this palpable weakness, but I know one Republican for whom this will not be a problem.

UPDATE:  Welcome readers of Bad Blue Uncensored News.  We are honored that Doug Ross linked to this post.

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