Friday, September 28, 2018

To Spite President Trump

The Senate Judiciary Committee was scheduled to vote at 1:30 PM to send Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the floor for a Senate vote. The vote seemed all but inevitable after Senator Jeff Flake announced his support this morning.

Flake’s office released a statement announcing the Arizona lawmaker’s support for Kavanaugh. “After hearing more than 30 hours of testimony from Judge Kavanaugh earlier this month, I was prepared to support his nomination based on his view of the law and his record as a judge. In fact, I commented at the time that had he been nominated in another era, he would have likely received 90+ votes.”

It was widely reported Flake’s “good friend” Sen. Christopher Coons (D-CT) was near tears upon learning Flake would vote to confirm Kavanaugh.
Moments before the gavel was set to fall, Flake decided to make his support conditional. He would vote to advance Kavanaugh out of Committee but would not vote for him on the Senate floor unless the vote was delayed for not more than one week to allow for further investigation by the FBI of the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh.

“I’ve been speaking to a number of people on the other side,” Flake told the Committee. “I think it would be proper to delay the floor vote for up to, but not more than, one week in order to let the FBI do an investigation limited in time and scope to the current allegations that are there.  I will vote to advance the bill to the floor with that understanding.”

He bent the knee ala Game of Thrones.  Nay, more like he grabbed his ankles.

Now that Kavanaugh’s nomination has passed the Senate Judiciary Committee, it falls to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to hammer out whether or not to request an FBI background check be reopened.

McConnell would likely only agree to such a maneuver if he thought the nomination likely to fail without Flake’s vote. That would require securing “yes” votes from two of the Senate’s three other undecided members: Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Susan Collins (R-ME) and Joe Manchin (D-WV).

This charade will never end. The FBI will investigate the subjects mentioned by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and when nothing is discovered, the Democrats will have recruited more “victims” and demand more FBI investigations and on and on it will go. The FBI will become the Left’s Gestapo.  Count on it.

Dealing with the Left is like dealing with the Devil—it gains you nothing and costs you everything.

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