Saturday, March 31, 2018

In Honor Of National Tater Day: Presenting “Tater” Stelter

Yep, National Tater Day is a thing.  It’s observed annually on March 31.  Since the time potatoes were shipped from Europe to the colonies in the early 17th century, their consumption has been a major part of the North American diet. In the United States, there are over 100 varieties of potatoes.  But one variety is being celebrated here today.
To mark this auspicious day, we are highlighting the resplendent Brian Stelter.  Stelter was dubbed “Tater” by senior columnist and author for Townhall, Kurt Schlichter. Kurt, according to his bio at Townhall, was personally recruited to write conservative commentary by none other than Andrew Breitbart.
When The New Yorker severed ties with CNN contributor Ryan Lizza for improper sexual conduct, CNN pulled him from future on-air appearances while the network conducted “an extensive investigation into the matter,” prompting Stelter to tweet:
Schlichter tweeted his reply, “Hey Tater, why can't liberal media people not grope every woman in sight?”
When President Trump was scheduled to take his first formal health examination since taking office, Stelter’s network was certain the president was a mental basket case.  After Dr. Ronny Jackson’s 4-hour exam proved the President’s mental health was above reproach, poor Brian was forced to tweet:
Schlichter responded, “Tater has sadz.”

John Stossel, a libertarian pundit for the Fox Business Network, interviewed a young lady we all would be wise to pay attention to.
Oliver Darcy, Senior Media Reporter for CNN, chided Stossel’s interview with the young lady tweeting, “John Stossel seems to think its great people are getting their news from YouTubers vs reliable new organizations.
“Tater” saw an opening to attack Fox News again with this tweet in response to Darcy’s dig:
So, the young lady decided to throw down the gauntlet:
Here’s the Stossel interview with Candace.  After watching it, I’m confident you’ll agree she’s a voice to be reckoned with.
Owens is far from the first black conservative. But, she says others “have not been successful in the past because they cared too much about what people thought…We’re doing it differently…talking a lot of trash.”
Having an edgy sense of humor is one way she does it. So is knowing history and literature better than her critics.
“You can feel free to call me an Uncle Tom. You can feel free to call me an Auntie Tom. It does not affect me,” she says. “Do you want to know why? Because I actually read the book. Uncle Tom was the hero.”
Look out “Tater”.  Candace may one day make tater salad out of you. 

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