Sunday, March 25, 2018

All That Was Missing Was A Tiny Moustache

Calls for revolution from the hard left rantings of children who have yet to experience adulthood evoke images of long-dead tyrants.
Prior to yesterday’s March For Our Lives event in Washington, DC one such fascist appeared on NPR’s “Weekend Edition Saturday”.
SCOTT SIMON: Mr. Hogg, what do you say to people who say, look─these are a very admirable young people, but they are young people? And that's not how society works or should work. We ought to see a little of life before we start taking their prescriptions for what we ought to do.
HOGG: To those people I would say, I think we've seen a little of life, considering we saw the slaughter of 17 people at our school. Having to see these things again and again is more than enough life experience than we've ever wanted to have. I think saying that students don't have a right to speak out against this is disgusting because we've lived through this. Regardless of what your opinions are or where you come from, you need to realize we are the future of America. And if you choose not to stand with us, that's OK because you'll be on the wrong side of the history textbooks that we write. But if you choose to stand with us, you will be praised as standing up with the future of America. Because at the end of the day, what our generation is fighting for─not only for us, not only for the kids that are alive right now but the future of America. We can, and we will outlive our opponents because they're old, and they are stuck in their old ways. We will change the face of America with or without our opponents.
If you were watching yesterday’s coverage of the “march” on any outlet other than Fox News you did not get to witness the conclusion of Hogg’s venomous speech with a bizarre salute that will undoubtedly follow him the rest of his angry little life.
The video posted to YouTube™ was removed for violating it’s policy on harassment and bullying.
Naturally CNN was covering the event, but they too cut away at the moment Hogg gave his Hitleresque salute.  If you look closely, just before the clip ends, you will see his salute was still captured on the big screen on the stage.
It doesn’t take much imagination to see Hitler Jugend in the making.

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