Saturday, February 24, 2018

Too Stupid To Insult? Of Course Not!

Yesterday Marie Harf, former Senior Advisor of Strategic Communications for Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry, who is inexplicably a “commentator” on Fox News, appeared on the cable news network’s program Outnumbered.  GOPAC Chairman David Avella was on the couch as well as Harris Faulkner, Sandra Smith and Trish Regan.
As the country continues to discuss the Parkland school shooting, the discussion turned to supporters of the Second Amendment.
Harf, from whom you get nothing but stupid, spouted off saying “Justice Scalia wrote, ‘the Second Amendment is not unlimited’…Republicans, and you just did it, say any gun restrictions that Democrats put forward is ‘against the Second Amendment. That’s not the case! You can be a supporter of the Second Amendment and also say, ‘maybe we shouldn’t have high magazine clips,’ for example.”
NOTE TO MARIE:  High Magazine Clips: A device for securing printed material in a lofty location.

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