Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Coward Of Broward County

One week after a psychotic savage murdered 17 school children inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel had to tuck his tail between his legs when it was revealed his deputy, Scot Peterson, heard the gunfire and rushed to the building but never went inside to confront the shooter.  Instead the coward waited outside listening to the screams of those being murdered.  Not only that, but it was the Coral Springs PD who first tried to save lives and stop the carnage.
The admissions made by Israel added to the growing list of missed signs. The FBI has already admitted that in January it failed to follow up on a tip that could have prevented the shooting.
Knowing as he did that Peterson cowered outside explains Sheriff Israel’s deflection of responsibility during last night’s CNN propaganda shit show.
Peterson chose to resign after he was suspended without pay. His decision was made after investigators reviewed surveillance footage. Israel said the tape may never be released
WPLG Local 10 News reported two other Broward County Sheriff’s Department officers, Edward Eason and Guntis Treijs, have been placed on administrative duties pending further investigation. Both officers were involved in 23 calls for service at the shooter’s home and may not have followed protocol.
Local Fox affiliate WSVN said it sent a reporter to the home of the coward for an interview when the reporter was met by six Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies "standing guard outside."  The family requested protection; something not given to those kids.

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