Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Art Of Ass Kissing

Some things are surprising, like seeing a sumo wrestler performing remarkably graceful figure skating moves like “The Corkscrew”, "The Flying Dutchmen" and "The Baby Bird".
What is no longer surprising is the fawning coverage of North Korea at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.  
During NBC’s coverage of Friday’s Opening Ceremony, Joshua Cooper Ramo, Vice Chairman and Co-Chief Executive of Kissinger Associates, discussed on-air the significance of Japan’s Shinzo Abe’s visit to the Games crediting Japan for South Korea’s resurgence. “Every Korean will tell you that Japan is a cultural and technical and economic example that has been so important to their own transformation,” Ramo said.
Hired temporarily by NBC to bring “historical context to its coverage,” Ramo’s remarks drew the ire of the Olympic Organizing Committee forcing the network to apologize and terminate Ramo.
In a statement issued the following day NBC said, “We believe that staying silent is not an appropriate response to such ignorant, insensitive, and harmful information that defies the very spirit of peace, harmony and human dignity of the Olympics.” 
About that human dignity─North Korea is the least free country in the world, with its authoritarian regime subjecting its citizens to brutal and inhumane laws. Otto Warmbier could not be reached for comment.
CNN, the most busted name in news, took the gold for synchronized fawning journalism in its coverage of Kim Yo Jong.  The sister of constipated, gout-riddled Kim Jong Un is director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department of the Worker’s Party of Korea and has been sanctioned by the U.S Treasury Department for her role in sustaining North Korea’s oppressive regime.
Not satisfied with the richly deserved moniker of “fake news”, CNN proved just how petty and amoral they are by insisting the Gulag Princess performed a “diplomatic dance” worthy of a gold medal” and doubled down labeling her “North Korea’s Ivanka Trump”.  
My Lord.
Seeing the firestorm of criticism CNN was receiving, ABC made a conscious effort to lick North Korea’s boots with its own frivolous fawning.
“Clad in coordinated outfits of red with white and blue accents, North Korea's throng of more than 200 cheerleaders are stealing the spotlight at the 23rd Winter Olympic Games in South Korea as they chant, sway and dance in unison.”
“At Saturday's hockey match between Switzerland and the unified Korean team, the North Korean cheerleaders split up into groups and situated themselves in various sections around the ice rink. The squad of young women continuously sang, clapped and danced with gusto and unified precision, even as Switzerland crushed the unified Korean team 8-0.”
Ethan Epstein noted at The Weekly Standard, “While CNN and others have feted Kim’s visit, those with the most at stake—the South Koreans—have been decidedly more clear-eyed about the purpose of her visit. Take this editorial in the Chosun Ilbo, South Korea’s newspaper of record: ‘It would of course be wonderful if the Moon Jae-in administration's efforts lead to denuclearization talks, but Kim Jong-un is not sending his people to Pyeongchang to talk about disarmament. He is sending them to weaken sanctions and spread propaganda,’ the paper argued.”
“The Joongang Ilbo, another leading daily, made the interesting point that Kim Yo Jong’s visit is a sign of North Korean weakness, not the confidence that others have projected on it: ‘South Korea is North Korea’s last resort. Pyongyang’s dispatching of Kim Yo Jong testifies to its deepening pains from sanctions,’ the paper argued.”
UPDATE:  And The New York Times joins the chorus of idiots:

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