Friday, January 26, 2018

The Fog Of War

Have you gotten tired of all the back and forth blogging and tweeting that take us from "Trump is Toast" to "The Deep State is Going Down?"

Does anyone really know what is truly happening? I have a strong feeling that if they do, they're keeping mum about it, for good reason. The number of unsolved homicides and suspicious suicides surrounding national political intrigue is enough to give anyone pause.

I believe we are experiencing the Fog of War. Both sides are using smoke screens to obscure their maneuvering, to draw the public's attention away to something shiny while actual events are occurring. This is to be expected. And let's not doubt for a minute that there is a war in progress and it still could go either way. Mueller wants to hang Trump's pelt on his tent post and Trump wants to destroy the bureaucratic and financial/global interests that drive so much of this nation's foreign and domestic policies.

During much of my recuperation from surgery I have tried to follow the various threads/sources that allegedly reveal the various plots and subplots that are gripping the nation's political elites. I feel that I am little more informed than I was several months ago simply because ... who can you trust? Who is spinning and who is straight? Who sees through the chaff and who is co-opted?

To no one's surprise, the Kabuki theater antics of the media are of no help at all.

But in the flood of emails that have received so much attention there are several opinions I have formed/strengthened that I can espouse:
  1. The upper level management of the FBI was/is severely politically compromised. No surprises here.
  2. The upper level management of America's intelligence community was/is likewise compromised. The extent of this is somewhat surprising.
  3. The upper level management of all three branches of our government is lying through their teeth in one way or another. No surprises here either.
  4. Everyone at these stratospheric levels knows what the others at this level are doing and they are all scared spitless. Hence the lies, hence the Fog of War.
Eventually heads are going to roll. Bet your bottom dollar on this.
Whose heads? 
Good question.
It will probably take several months before we know. Grab some popcorn and adult beverages of your choice, it will take a while before all the maneuvering is done and the strongest (smartest? most clever? most ruthless? most prepared?) emerges as the winner. I sincerely hope Trump emerges victorious, but probably not unscathed.

What really ticks me off is that the Fog will probably not be completely swept away for years. The Fog surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy still lingers and I have a feeling that present day events will be no different.

But that's just my opinion. What do I know...

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