Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Nooooooo! Not John McCain Again!

President Trump promised on the campaign trail he would fight to give middle class Americans a tax cut reminiscent of the historic Reagan tax cuts of the 80s.  On November 2 during a gathering in the Oval Office with members of the House Ways and Means Committee the President said, “We are giving them a big, beautiful present for Christmas in the form of a tax cut.”
The White House has repeatedly urged congressional Republicans to move the bill through Capitol Hill as quickly as possible so Trump can sign some form of tax cuts into law before the Christmas holiday.
"I really believe we'll have it done before Christmas. I consider that to be one of the great Christmas presents," the President said.
Senate Republicans took a significant step toward passing a sweeping tax overhaul on Tuesday, with a key panel giving its approval and several wavering senators indicating they would support the tax package, helping clear the way for full Senate consideration later this week.
It's likely all 48 Senate Democrats will vote against the tax bill. That means Senate Republicans can only afford two defections. They already have two likely no votes and even more senators with competing concerns that could derail the bill.
Once again, it could all come down to the senator from Arizona who is desperately in need of being put out to pasture.
After sinking his Party’s hopes of repealing Obamacare this year with a dramatic thumbs-down, the fate of a tax overhaul may now sit in the hands of John McCain. In recent days, he has been fairly tight-lipped about his views on the tax proposal speeding through the Senate, saying he sees some problems with the existing bill but is waiting for a final plan before making a decision.
Even those who know Mr. McCain best are unsure how he will vote, but if history is any guide, Republicans have reason to worry.
Some supporters of the tax bill have been concerned that McStain, along with senators “Liddle” Bob Corker (R-TN) and Jeff “Snow” Flake (R-AZ), could vote against the legislation to spite the President.

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