Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hizzoner: Why Haven’t New Yorkers Thrown Him A Ticker-Tape Parade?

The New York Hysterical Times, the least likely place you’d expect to read a disapproving account of the scoundrel who lives at Gracie Mansion, described the groundhog killing mayor:  “Poor Bill de Blasio─so good at being mayor and so misunderstood.”
In an interview published in New York magazine and a subsequent news conference on Tuesday, de Blasio trumpeted his accomplishments during his first term and cast himself as a misunderstood mayor, hounded by an unfair press corps and underappreciated by what should be a grateful public.
His remarks echoed an essay the mayor posted online on Friday, sounding a tone that, as he appears to be cruising toward a likely re-election without strong opponents, is remarkably both self-aggrandizing and self-pitying.
De Blasio’s job-approval rating has continued to sink throughout the summer owing, in part, to comments made in late August where he said was unaware of a Vladimir Lenin statue that exists on the lower east side of Manhattan.
“There’s a statue of Vladimir Lenin? That’s news to me. First, I in all my days here in New York City, I have never heard of there being a statue of Vladimir Lenin on the lower east side. It may be true. I’ve literally never heard of that in my life. Anyone heard of that before? That’s a new one.” 

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