Sunday, August 20, 2017

I Won't Be Worried Unless I See A Bunch Of Mayans Hanging Around

I read an article in The Daily Mail that evidently was written by some social justice warrior living somewhere in the Pacific Northwest that had me scratching my head.
“While a total solar eclipse isn't rare, this particular one on August 21 has an uncommon coast-to-coast path across the country and is slated to inspire a new age of thinking among youth called ‘Generation Eclipse’. Totality is said to be transformative as people are said to emote when exposed to the cosmos.”
The writer asserts this celestial phenomenon could help “unify the country.”
“When was the last time we really had a big national shared event that wasn't a tragedy?” he wonders going on to interject, “Awe-inspiring sights encourage empathy and generosity and group cohesion…and total eclipses always do that.”
His theory for this cohesion:  Oregon and Illinois are the only states that fall along the totality path to have voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016.
Horse pucky!
There have been 26 eclipses (total, annular, hybrid and partial) during the 20 and 21st centuries. There will be eight more between 2023 and 2048.
Before our technological age solar eclipses were met with anxiety and dread as an unwelcome disruption to the natural order of things.
Maybe I’ve become jaded having experienced an eclipse on more than one occasion in my lifetime. What’s the big deal? Sunset happens every day.
The ancient Greeks believed eclipses occurred when the gods were angry with humans and the Babylonians believed it signified the death of a ruler. The Vikings believed a hungry wolf was feasting on the sun.  I won’t be worried unless I see a bunch of Mayans hanging around.

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