Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Ginned-Up Cauldron Of Hatred

As we sit waiting on pins and needles for Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to launch his ICBMs at the United States and the North Korean News Agency issues statements proclaiming, "We consider the U.S. no more than a lump which we can beat to a jelly any time,” we are destroying ourselves with resplendent efficiency from within.
Chaos and violence turned to tragedy Saturday in Charlottesville, VA as hundreds of white nationalists, neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members—planning to stage what they described as their largest rally in decades to “take America back”—clashed with counter-protesters and law enforcement in the streets.  During the clash, a car belonging to an Ohio man barreled into the crowd leaving one person dead and 19 others injured.
At 1:19 PM Saturday, President Trump spoke to the nation:
"As you know this was a small press conference, but a very important one, and it was scheduled to talk about the great things we are doing with the secretary on the Veteran's Administration, and we will talk about that very much so in a little while. But I thought I should put out a comment on what is happening in Charlottesville...But we're closely following the terrible events unfolding in Charlottesville, VA.”
“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence that's on many sides. On many sides. It's been going on for a long time in our country. Not Donald Trump, not Barack Obama, it's been going on for a long, long time. It has no place in America. What is vital now is the swift restoration of law and order, and the protection of innocent lives. No citizen should ever fear for their safety and security in our society. And no child should ever be afraid to go outside and play, or be with their parents, and have a good time.”
“I just got off the phone with the governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, and we agreed that the hate and the division must stop. And must stop right now. We have to come together as Americans with love for our nation and true affection—and really I say this so strongly—true affection for each other.”
“Above all else we must remember this truth: no matter our color, creed, religion, or political party, we are all Americans first. We love our country, we love our God, we love our flag, we're proud of our country, we're proud of who we are. So, we want to get the situation straightened out in Charlottesville, and we want to study it. And we want to see what we are doing wrong as a country where things like this can happen.”
“My administration is restoring the sacred bonds of loyalty between this nation and its citizens, but our citizens must also restore the bonds of trust and loyalty between one another. We must love each other, respect each other, and cherish our history and our future together. So important. We have to respect each other, ideally we have to love each other."
One year ago, Hillary Clinton devoted an entire speech warning how her opponent was “emboldening hate groups and white supremacists.”
As with Ferguson, the corrupt media sees racism and hatred around every corner and is all too happy to help write the storyline that what happened in Charlottesville “deserved an excoriating [by President Trump] of the racist rhetoric of the racial right wing.”

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