Sunday, June 4, 2017

CNN: Faking It Again With Muslim Protesters

If Democrats and the mindless hive that blindly marches in lockstep with them wonder why Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America THIS IS WHY:
Did CNN choreograph a protest? The camera setup is not consistent with a live news broadcast since there are multiple halide lamps and a stage monitor.  Just look at the number of stage hands and assistants.  The video even shows a table with food.

The website Mediaite seems to be defending the cable news network noting “there is reason to fairly critique this as editorializing the shoot and not just reporting the news.  And in a climate where CNN is feeling a lot of criticism—most of which is unfounded—from the conservative corners of the Internet, this footage won’t help their cause.”

Mediaite “reached out” to CNN for an explanation.  Here’s their statement:
“This story is nonsense. The group of demonstrators that was at the police cordon was being allowed through by officers so they could show their signs to the gathered media. The CNN crew along with other media present simply filmed them doing so.”
Then why were these “protesters” picking up signs from the pavement and being directed where to stand?  I’m throwing the bullshit flag.

UPDATE:  Thanks to GOP Briefing Room for linking to this post.

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