Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bernie And Jane Sanders’ Implacable Enemy: Arithmetic

Vermont’s Burlington College had for years been buckling under the crushing debt of a doomed land deal engineered by a former president, Jane Sanders, who is the wife of US senator and failed Democrat presidential contender Bernie Sanders.

Allegations Jane Sanders falsified loan documents to expand the campus of Burlington College, which collapsed into bankruptcy in May 2016, swirled more than a year prior.

Sanders stated in a 2010 loan application she had secured $2.6 million in promised donations to pay for the purchase of 32.4 acres of land, which helped secure a $6.5 million loan from the People’s United Bank. Only $676,000 ever materialized over the next four years and the college defaulted on the loans, eventually going bankrupt.

The Department of Justice and the FBI in conjunction with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) are investigating the senator’s wife for bank fraud.

That Sanders believed she could get away with such obvious fraud isn’t all that shocking is it? So what if she cut a few corners here and there and told a few lies to get her grubby socialist hands on some free cash. 

Like most liberal schemes, it turned out to be an ignominious fiasco.  And now, the FBI is breathing down her chubby neck, working to get an indictment that could send her up the river for a ghetto penthouse at The Crowbar Hotel.

The battle between Socialism and its most implacable enemy, arithmetic, continues apace.

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