Monday, February 13, 2017

The Insult Dogs Of The Hysterical Left

At my age the current music culture has left me behind.  The genre of urban contemporary music is not my cup of tea.  Given the mood of the country, the Grammys featured several moments of political commentary, ranging from calls for unity to blatant criticism.  It has been thus for a while now so tuning into the awards was not on my list of must-see TV.

There was a moment on the red carpet last night that created a maelstrom of controversy involving a young singer-songwriter named Joy Villa.  She entered the lion’s den wearing at little number at the 2017 Grammy Awards by designer Andre Soriano.

“It’s more so about love,” designer Andre Soriano told the Hollywood Reporter. “We all live on this planet. I’ve never been in the political arena. However, it’s just so crazy that people are getting beat up because they voted for Trump, or this and that; someone wants to bomb the White House. I am an American, I moved here from the Philippines, and I highly believed in the trueness of what this country can bring. It’s about bringing people together, that’s the message.”

The interesting part is the same people who were triggered by Villa’s dress, and judging by the tantrum on social media there were many, are the same people that inspired the designer to make it.
Talk about a Tweet not aging well: 
Villa's music sales skyrocketed after the singer wore a pro-Trump dress at Sunday night's 59th annual Grammy Awards. “I Make the Static” jumped to the top of Amazon’s Movers and Shakers and reached No. 7 on the iTunes Top Album chart.

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