Monday, January 9, 2017

Alabama Crimson Tide: One Win Away From National Championship No. 17

As I have shared with my blogging friend and SEC sister Diogenes, I wanted Ohio State to beat the Clemson Tigers in the CFB Playoff Semifinal Fiesta Bowl.  I wanted to settle the score from 2015 with the Buckeyes.  Turns out the Buckeyes were a bunch of weak sisters in a shutout beatdown.  It was cringe-inducing for all those sports “experts” who lay laurels at the feet of Urban Meyer.  Hope you enjoy your cold, protracted, humiliating winter.

Lane Kiffin is gone by “mutual agreement” and in his place is Steve Sarkisian.  This, I will admit, gives me some angst.  This guy has a documented problem with alcohol and a reputation for being a party guy.  He was even filmed having a booger snack during the Peach Bowl.  Sarkisian had better toe the line at Bama.  Saban is a maniac disciplinarian.  The Bama faithful will not accept a loss in tonight’s game. 

Alabama is not the number one team in the nation for nothin’.  Saban has given this man a chance to redeem himself.  If he’s wise he won’t squander the opportunity.  There will be hell to pay otherwise.

Alabama is favored for tonight’s game, but that doesn’t mean everyone is picking the Tide. Only four out of 15 of SB Nation’s staff writers picked Clemson to upset the Tide. But in CBS Sports’ staff picks, five out of seven writers picked Clemson, and five of seven at Sports Illustrated also picked Clemson.

To those “staff writers” I say Clemson couldn’t find a magic bullet last year and they haven’t found one for tonight either.  Bama’s secondary is brutal, bruising and ginormous.  This game is going to be one helluva slobberknocker.  There will be blood and mouthpieces strewn all over the gridiron.

Dabo Sweeney wants revenge.  Nick Saban wants history and to win his sixth national championship to tie him with the legendary Alabama coach Paul “Bear” Bryant.  The Tigers can rub on that stupid Howard’s Rock all they want but Bama is stronger, quicker and more determined than some orange-clad upstarts from a cow college.

Just like movie sequels are disappointing, so too, will be Clemson’s stab at history.  The Boys from Tuscaloosa will suffocate the kittehs.  The Crimson and Houndstooth Dynasty will not be dethroned and Clemson will be sucked into the same unforgiving abyss as every other team that clashed with the Tide this season.


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