Friday, November 11, 2016

There’s Always Room For Comey

Bill Cosby, the guy who became known as “America’s Dad” for his role as Dr. Cliff Huxtable in the popular 1980s TV sitcom The Cosby Show, is no longer the funny man who felt like family to so many viewers.

The now infamous Cosby has been accused of preying on upwards of 58 women by sedating them and rendering them incapable of resisting his sexual assaults.

His sitcom celebrity won him a contract with Kraft Foods the maker Jello™ Pudding Pops.  When Cosby was accused of sexual misconduct the company took steps to rebrand the product.

“The first step is to rebrand Pudding Pops,” said Product Manager Katharine Parkinson. “The shape and color of some of our Pudding Pops have taken on negative associations through no fault of our own,” she stressed. “We don’t want people to think of Bill Cosby when they put a Pudding Pop into their mouths, or the mouths of their children. Unfortunately, our chocolate Pop is too suggestive of the very acts Bill Cosby is being accused of committing.  We’re protecting a wholesome, cherished treat enjoyed by millions of people around the world.”

Reuters News Service reported the other day Cosby’s homeowner’s insurance company; American International Group (AIG) must defend him against three civil defamation lawsuits in Massachusetts.

AIG had sought declarations that Cosby's policies excused it from defending and indemnifying him against personal injury claims "arising out of" sexual misconduct, as distinct from personal injury claims such as defamation.

The women had alleged that Cosby harmed their reputations, including through his representatives, by calling them liars after they publicized their allegations.

Because Hillary Clinton eluded prosecution from FBI Director James Comey for her misuse of classified emails, Cosby asked his judge for Hillary’s attorney.

NOTE FROM OUR ATTORNEY:  The last paragraph is untrue but wouldn’t surprise any of us now would it?

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